Trym II Review for 2021 – Modern Hair Clipper Kit!


If someone has recommended you try Trym II, chances are it’s because it has high-end features with a low price tag.

Now, if you have decided to buy it already, we want you to stop right there. No, not because this one’s a bad choice; oh no, it’s not. Instead, we want to ask you if you really want to get your hands on this one.

You see, even though this son of a gun has got a sleek design, excellent built quality, and an affordable price tag if you read our Trym II review, you’ll get to know the few downsides it has.

Now, we’re going to be pretty honest here. We’ll break down all the features and benefits we’ve found during our research, but we have to talk about its flaws, too, right?

If you want to get an in-depth and balanced review of this product, you should keep on reading.

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Trym II Features

Trym II Review

The product features an aesthetic design and powerpack performance while being very easy to use. We have every feature break down for you for better and clear comprehension.


The product’s sleek design is sure to catch your eye at first glance. With shiny black and silver plastic finishing, it adds elegance to your restroom.

To some people, the plastic backings might seem cheaper; however, we think it blends with a modern restroom interior perfectly.

And unlike most trimers, you don’t have to store it out of sight. With the charging base, you can have it standing right in front of you.

Apart from having a nice appearance, the clipper is lightweight, and the compact size makes sure it takes very little space on your bathroom countertop.


The clipper runs smoothly with its efficient motor and professional-grade razor-sharp blade. The blades are made of compound metal, which makes them durable as well. You can have a perfect barbershop cut at home with ease.

And with four different attachments, it offers variable-length cutting options. The largest one is 9 millimeters and the smallest one 1.5 millimeters.

And if you plan on having close to scalp cut, use no guards. The sharp blades do a perfect job, offering a clean and smooth cut effortlessly.

The guards are easy to attach and change. And with the cutting length variation, you can use it fortrimming body and head hair, mustache, and beard grooming.

While this seems like a clipper to meet all your grooming needs, however, the downside is if you have a long beard and hair, you will have to consider other choices.

Other than that, the clipper seems a good fit considering its price and seamless performance.

Ease of use

The Trym II topples other trimers providing the user with convenience while grooming or trimming. Unlike heavier clippers, the ergonomic, lightweight construction of the trimmer is easier to hold while giving yourself a perfect cut.

With a heavier clipper, you will likely get your hands tired or exhausted before finishing your cut. So, we would like to think that the tool’s weight possesses greater importance, especially if you happen to groom on a regular basis.

And it’s cordless that saves you from having a wire or cord around always. Although the feature cannot be called unique as almost every modern clipper is rechargeable nowadays, what’s notable is the charging base.

The charger functions like a stand, making charging and storing it pretty easy.

While it seems effortless to use, we can’t say the same about its upkeep. The guards need regular cleaning to keep up the smooth performance.

If you skip the regular washing, the blades might cause some hair pinching or pulling, affecting the power and performance of the device.

However, you are likely to experience less clogging with this device, making it easier to clean. Also, the cleaning brush included makes everyday cleaning no big deal.

Battery Life

The battery performs well on holding the charge long, and you can enjoy multiple cuts with it. So, you might not have to charge it every day unless you plan on using it several times a day.

And the standing charger base won’t give you that much hassle as you only need to fit it into the cradle, and it will charge up as required.

Apart from that, what tends to be more appealing to the customers is that it comes fully charged, meaning you can use it immediately after unboxing it.

However, as the device ages, the battery seems to perform somewhat poorly. So, you can’t expect to use the device for several years, and we don’t find that surprising considering the lower price.


Trym II does provide excellent value for the money; however, it’s not entirely free of any drawbacks. So, we will be discussing the minor downsides here.

Remember, no product is perfect or without limitations, but how much it provides despite the constraints makes the product stand out.


The cordless rechargeable trimmer is not waterproof, so you need to be careful while using it. And consider storing it away from the sink or water source.

Nonetheless, it’s always wise to keep the clippers safe and sound, as you know that moisture can affect the metal blades. So, we don’t think this drawback to be a big deal.

Battery Lifespan

Although the battery performs well, they don’t run efficiently for long, meaning you will observe the battery performance falling with the advancement of years.

It’s because the product doesn’t use durable lithium-ion batteries; instead, it has the older versions, Ni-Cd batteries. And these batteries tend to decay over time.

While you can’t have the product running for several years, it’s kind of a knockout at this price. It’s hard to find a clipper with this many quality features in this price range.

So, it might have a shorter lifespan, but the smoother performance over its lifespan makes it worth the money.

Overall Trym II Review

At a glance, we have noted what we liked and didn’t like about the product.


  • Variable-length cutting option with four guards
  • Cleaning brush for easier maintenance
  • Razor-sharp blades cut clean and smooth
  • Adds elegance to a modern restroom with its sleek design
  • Easier to charge and store with the charging base
  • The battery holds a charge well
  • It comes fully charged, usable right after unboxing
  • Easier to use because of the ergonomic design


  • Require cleaning every day to keep up the performance
  • The Ni-Cd battery lifespan is not very long
  • Not waterproof, need to be kept away from moisture
  • The guards are not best suited for long hair and beard


While there are few minor downsides of Trym II, the fantastic combination of features makes it stand out in the crowd.

We especially love how convenient it is to use and how smoothly it cuts. Fully precharged, lightweight construction, sleek design, decent battery performance, and charging base are qualities that customers find very useful.

In this Trym II review, we tried to shed light on every aspect of the product, including what we didn’t like about it.

The product might not be one of the longest-lasting, but it is undoubtedly a quality pick for people with a budget.