Suavecito Pomade Review for 2021 – Step by Step Guide


Aren’t you tired of those greasy hair styling products? Well, if you are annoyed too, this pomade will change your hairstyle game just like it did to mine!

The SuavecitoPomade is completely water-based; thus, you can wash it like a regular hair gel. But the shocker is, you are getting all the benefits of styling wax! And trust me, that’s just the beginning of its advantages, we have a lot more to discuss!

So here is my Suavecito pomade review for you! If you ever had any confusion, it won’t be an issue anymore.

Let’s check out everything you need to know about this fantastic hair wax!

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Suavecito Pomade Original Hold Review – All you Need to Know

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold Review

Suavecito pomades are pretty popular these days, thanks to their top-notch quality. You can style your hair in any way you want with this wax with finesse and no fuss! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

You can either get the stronghold or the original one according to your preference. However, you can also go for the matte one if you want.

Now, let’s talk about this product in detail so that you can make up your mind!


When you touch the pomade, it feels like thick honey, to be honest. But the most astonishing part is, there is no stickiness at all.

The texture is perfectly smooth and creamy. However, there might be some lumps here and there. But there is no grain anywhere for sure!

As you rub it on your palms while applying it, the wax will warm up and spread evenly. Hence, you can style your hair with it without any hassle.


I really loved the smell when I applied it for the first time. The scent is subtle, not overpowering, and stays intact for a long time. It kind of smells like men’s cologne yet sweet and gentle.

So I think smell won’t be an issue for anyone.

Strength of the Hold

Hold hair

Now it’s time for us to discuss the most crucial aspect of this pomade. Will this product be perfect for any hairstyle?
As you already know that you can either get the extra strong one or the original hold. If you want to do a firm hairdo, you can go for the stronger one. Otherwise, for a medium-strength hold, the original one is the best option you have.

Moreover, how long your hairstyle will last also depends on the amount of product you applied. But in my experience, you can pass a whole day without restyling your hair, which is impressive!


Shine hair

The Suavecito Original Hold provides a moderate shine. So it’s suitable for both day and nighttime. However, if you want something matte, you can look at other Suavecito options for your desired experience.

What Makes this Pomade So Special?

As this hair wax is getting popular by the minute, there must be something special about it!

First of all, the pomade is water-soluble. As a result, you can easily clean it with your regular shampoo, and there won’t be any greasiness for sure.

Secondly, it ensures a high-quality finish, which is one reason why professional barbers love this product so much! If you touch your hair after applying it, you won’t feel any flakiness.

Thirdly, as it is a water-based product, you can quickly fix your hair throughout the day just by using a small amount of water. How amazing is that?

So you can see that this product comes with some fantastic features that make it top of its class. Hence, for a perfect pompadour, getting this wax will be a wise idea indeed.

Now that we are done with the in-depth review let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this product to help you with a confident purchase.


  • The scent is sweet and subtle
  • It spreads easily, hence effortless to apply
  • As the pomade is water-based, you can rehydrate your hair anytime
  • Thanks to the non-sticky texture, you can comb your hair pretty easily
  • It provides a moderate shine which makes it perfect for any occasion


  • The Suavecito Original Hold is known for its moderate hold; thus, it’s not quite suitable for long hair

How Do You Apply the Suavecito Hair Pomade?

If you don’t know how to apply the Suavecito pomade correctly, you will never be able to enjoy the benefits of this product! Hence, you need to learn the proper method if you want a gorgeous hairdo!

You can follow these instructions if you want to have the perfect hairstyle every time.

Step One – Prepare your Hair

This hair pomade applies best on clean and damp hair. So it would be best if you wash your hair with a top-grade shampoo that suits you.

Now, before applying the wax, make your hair a little damp with some water sprinkles, and you are done with the preparation.

Step Two – Get your Hands Dirty!

When you are done dampening your locks, take some pea-sized blob of pomade in your fingers. Then rub the wax between your palms to make it warm. After spreading it nicely, apply it to your hair for your desired style.

Final Step- Lock the Setup

It’s time to run your fingers through the hair to achieve your favorite hair look. If you are looking for a lighter finish, you can style your hairdo with a little bit of water. Otherwise, you can skip this part.

And for more delicate hairs, use some extra wax and if you have thicker locks, go for a modest amount. This is a pro tip that isn’t available everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In which type of hair can I use Suavecito Original Hold pomade?

You can use this pomade on any hair; that’s the beauty of it!

2. Does this hair wax leave any residue?

No, this Suavecito hair wax is one of those products that doesn’t leave any disturbing residue after you rinse it off. You can do any modern or retro outlook without going through any annoying white residues.

3. Is there any harsh chemical in this product?

No, there is no harsh chemical used in the manufacture of this pomade. Consequently, there will be no irritation or acne breakout on your scalp if you use it.

4. Can I use Suavecito hair wax regularly?

As this product is made with gentle and safe ingredients, you can use it on a regular basis without any trouble.

Wrap Up

Finally, you are at the end of my Suavecito pomade review! As this hair wax is designed for doing any style, you can now enjoy slick back, a pompadour, quaff, or even side parts with poise!

And if you compare the price tag, you are getting a greater value for the money; what else do you need?