Top 9 Shoes Like Uggs But Cheaper


So, why would anyone look for shoes like Uggs but cheaper?

Ever since the early 2000s, Uggs have been iconic winter boots that every girl with a fashion sense must own. It is not difficult to see why Uggs rose to fame so quickly and vastly.

They are extremely comfortable to wear in freezing cold temperatures thanks to their velvety suede uppers & extremely soft sheepskin inner lining.

Celebrities of all types have been seen sporting Uggs proudly at one point, be it Paris Hilton or Tom Brady. But here’s the catch – Uggs are not very affordable.

Well, if you want to achieve the same style but cannot afford to spend the part, you are at the right spot. In this article, we will present some affordable alternatives.

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Top 9 Shoes Like Uggs But Cheaper

Finding good budget alternatives for suedes with sheepskin is not as hard as you may think. In fact, the market is crowded with them. Here are our top 9 picks –

1. CLPP’LI Women’s Emma Winter Snow Boots

CLPP'LI Women's Emma Winter Snow Boots

The CLIPP’LI boots are one of the most popular Uggs alternatives. They provide the same level of warmth and comfort as Uggs. If you get them, your feet will thank you on cold days.

The suede of this boot is lined with a shearling lining that is designed for quick wearing. You can slip the boots on in no time on the go. Now you know which boots to go for when you are running late!


  • Available in three colors – brown, grey, and black
  • The interior is entirely lined with fur
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • Warm, shearling lining on the suede for a slip-on-the-go style
  • Extremely comfortable and warm


  • The suede is faux suede, not the actual one

2. Sara Z. Women’s Warm Short Faux Fur Outdoor Boots

Sara Z. Women's Warm Short Faux Fur Outdoor Boots

The next pick is a very trendy & stylish alternative. If you mainly want Uggs for the design, then this one is perfect for you.

These boots feature a round toe design. They are clad in faux fur in a mid-high structure. This style is chic, trendy, and fashionable.

The best part is that they look great with any type of clothes – leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, and more. So, you can step out looking fab every day.


  • Stylish ultra chic faux fur design
  • The soft footbed & lightweight sole provide all-day comfort
  • Trendy design that will complete any outfit you choose
  • Good size range


  • Only one color available

3. Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot

Bearpaw Women's Emma Short Snow Boot

If the availability of choices is important to you, then you will seriously love these Emma boots from Bearpaw. With a staggering 21 different color and finish options, there is at least one that will catch your fancy.

In terms of looks, these look quite similar to original Uggs. The design is comfortable & rugged, perfect for kicking around town. However, be careful with maintenance because they do not last very long.


  • 21 different color & finish options available
  • Rugged & comfortable design
  • Cozy & comfortable cushioning for all-day wear
  • Made from quality materials


  • Not very long-lasting

4. Sara Z Ladies Microsuede 10 Inch Winter Boots

Sara Z Ladies Microsuede 10 Inch Winter Boots

We are back with another gorgeously trendy and beautiful pair of boots from Sara Z. These are slightly longer than the previous two, which may be desirable based on your personal preference.

They are quite roomy, too. So, your feet will have ample space. The inner lining is very cushiony and comfortable.
In my opinion, the best thing about these boots is the rustic vintage design.


  • Water-resistant soles
  • Oversized buttons on the side for ease of wear & fashion
  • Plushy, soft inner portion
  • Welted seams to provide a trendy, rustic look
  • Very affordable


  • The color may vary slightly from the picture

5. Women’s Fur Mid-Calf 4 Buttons Faux Soft Snow Winter Flat Boot

Women's Fur Mid-Calf 4 Buttons Faux Soft Snow Winter Flat Boot

This next pair looks very similar to the previous one, but these boots are taller in comparison. Also, you get to choose from four variants – brown, tan, black, and shorter tan.

You will not get much arch support or warmth from these boots, however. They are mainly meant for looking pretty. So, don’t get these if you want warmth.


  • The cute design seamlessly complements casual outfits
  • Available in a short version if the long design is not preferred
  • Can choose from three color options
  • Comfortable wear


  • The fit is not great
  • Ships in an awkward position, leading to creases

6. Holly Women’s Faux Fur Lined Tall Beaded Waterproof Snow Boots

Holly Women's Faux Fur Lined Tall Beaded Waterproof Snow Boots

We have another tall pair of boots to offer, and these ones are from Holly. The entire boot has a soft, comfortable furry inner lining. This makes the boots extremely comfortable and warm. You would not want to take these off!

Slipping these on is a quick affair, so you will not have to spend time doing that. However, many people are not fans of the beads, string, and metal plate, as they tend to slip on their own and make noise.


  • The wrap lace closure is trendy and fun to use
  • The thick, durable soles provide sufficient support
  • Comes in a palette of4 trendy shades
  • Perfect, snug fit


  • The tassels have a tendency of falling down

7. ZGR Women’s Suede Classics Mid-Calf Fur Lined Winter Snow Boots

ZGR Women's Suede Classics Mid-Calf Fur Lined Winter Snow Boots

On 7th, we have a popular pair of boots from ZGR. These boots are made of high-quality suede leather and faux fur. The two materials coupled with the rubber soles provide a comfortable experience.

You can pair the mid-calf boots with your winter clothes or the ankle booties with your skirts, jeans, and other casual dresses. The mid-calf boots can be folded when wearing, and they still look nice when folded. And the neutral shades will look great with any clothes.


  • Suede leather build with warm faux fur lining
  • Rubber sole that has a non-slip grip on snow
  • Accurately sized boots provide a perfect fit
  • Neutral shade options for versatility


  • No significant cons found

8. Blossom Talia-Hi Women Mid-Calf Mukluk Faux Fur Boot

Blossom Talia-Hi Women Mid-Calf Mukluk Faux Fur Boot

Our 8th pick, the Blossom Talia-Hi boots, gets bonus points for looking extremely cute while also being very comfortable to wear. These boots are very fashionable, and you will be getting quite a few compliments if you wear them out.

Often, stylish shoes compromise on comfort. But that is not the case with these ones. They are very comfortable to wear, with no toe pinching. The soles are cushiony and roomy, but you might need to add your own linings inside.


  • Covered in high-quality faux fur for a trendy look
  • Endless possible outfit combinations
  • Sturdy, strong rubber outsole meant for prolonged wear
  • Suitable for every season


  • The inside lining is not of the best quality

9. TF STAR Sheepskin Fur Lining Winter Warm Boots

TF STAR Sheepskin Fur Lining Winter Warm Boots

Lastly, we have sheepskin fur-lined boots, which resemble Uggs quite closely in terms of materials and looks. If you ask us, these are the closest dupes to Uggs we could find!

You can choose the type of lining you want, which is a plus. These can hold up in the cold quite well, keeping your feet warm and cozy. The rubber sole, cow suede, faux fur, and sheepskin are all of high quality.


  • Cow leather suede and sheepskin material used
  • Micro faux fur lining that is super soft
  • Available in two lining options warm plush faux fur and warm sheepskin
  • Combats cold winters easily
  • Perfect dupes for Uggs


  • Might be too small

Things to Consider Before Buying

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for cheaper Uggs alternatives;


With inexpensive boots, manufacturers often compromise on the quality of the build as well as materials. The result of this is ill-fitting, noisy, flimsy, creased, and uncomfortable boots with no support. No one wants that. So, always check for the comfort of the shoes.


Winter boots are meant to keep your feet warm. Sure, style matters, but so does usability. If the boots you have cannot provide protection in snow, mud, sludge, and the like, then unless you are living somewhere that doesn’t snow, the boots are useless to you.


This is particularly important when you need to keep ice and snow from getting in your boots. The higher the boots go, the more protection you will have from them.


While many people get winter boots purely for functionality, a lot of them also get boots to wear around the town and add to their outfits. The original Uggs are quite limited in terms of design, but when you are shopping for Uggs alternatives, the designs and styles are endless.

Get something that will complement your style well. Most boots come in neutral shades for this reason.


The main reason you are even reading this article is to find a cheaper Uggs alternative. If your chosen boots end up costing too much, then it would defeat the point, wouldn’t it? So, budget how much you are willing to spend, and then browse your option accordingly.


Snow and ice are very slippery. Your boots need to provide you with enough traction when walking on them so that you do not slip and fall. Carefully observe the sole and lug pattern on your chosen boots before making the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Do affordable Uggs alternatives use real fur?

No. Real fur is expensive, which is why manufacturers cannot make affordable shoes with real fur. Almost all affordable shoes you find will have faux fur and suede.

b) How do I clean my boots if I get mud on them?

Let the mud dry. Then, use a bristle brush to brush it off. Try not to brush too hard. After brushing, use a dry washcloth to remove any residue. Then, spot cleans any remaining mud.

c) Will Uggs alternatives have the same comfort and warmth?

Yes, many affordable Uggs alternatives provide really good quality performance.

Final Words

So, that was everything we had on shoes like Uggs but cheaper. We hope you have liked the selection of shoes we have prepared for you and that you have found at least one pair you would like to own.

Time for you to flaunt your new boots!