Top 9 Shoes Like Toms in 2021


For some of us, finding a pair of good shoes is no different than finding a needle in a haystack.

We need more arch support, breathable inner linings, elastic canvas uppers, and comfortable soles. And of course, the loafers can’t be boring!

TOMS is one of the very few American brands that offer quality shoes at reasonable pricing. In fact, they provide sufficient arch and heel support so that you can wear them every day!

From classic pumps to genuine rope-soled Alpargatas, we can’t have enough shoes like TOMS!

All of them are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. We’re confident that you’ll find your perfect pair of shoes for every occasion right here!

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Top 9 Shoes Like Toms

Considering comfort, sole quality, stiffness, and arch support, we’ve listed down our top 10 pumps and alpargatas till now. Let’s see what they offer!

1. TOMS Women’s Alpargata Loafer

TOMS Women's Alpargata Loafer

A pair of lightweight and breathable canvas shoes go a long way. Especially when they’re from TOMS, you know you’re in for the comfiest summer!

When it comes to wearing your most comfortable shoes, alpargatas always make it to the top. And TOMS happens to have a fashionable range of alpargatas for men and women.

This beautiful pair right here will last you many summers and help you look prepared and confident for the day. Besides, their durable canvas uppers won’t heat up your feet.

You also don’t get sunburns here, like when you’re wearing flip-flops. The soles are made of high-quality rubber. Over time, they feel more and more comfortable.

We also liked the fact that these are true-to-size slip-on. They are available in US sizes 5 to 12. As for the colors, you get everything from plain whites to flattering florals.

Our personal favorite is the natural Moroccan crochet. If you want to have unique footwear, you’ll love its white, crocheted see-through canvas!


  • Genuine canvas uppers for extra durability
  • The high-quality rubber soles feel comfortable
  • Available in solid colors, floral prints, and crocheted designs
  • Suitable for taking walks and running errands on foot


  • Might stretch and require socks

2. TOMS Shade Heritage Canvas Men’s Classic

TOMS Shade Heritage Canvas Men's Classic

If you can’t have enough denim jeans and jackets, you’re going to like these loafers a lot. Their blue-jeans color is widely in style right now.

We particularly like these TOMS flats because they’re highly comfortable. The tongue on the canvas uppers won’t feel hard on your feet. What’s more, the front part is roomy enough for stretching out your toes during a short trip.

Yes, you can walk long distances in these shoes, run errands, and travel. Even if you get them wet, you’ll be surprised how quickly they dry!

Moving on, the aesthetics of these TOMS men’s loafers are exceptional. Their inner linings have a black and white animal print. And we think it really elevated these solid-color loafers. Finally, the loafers’ outsoles are quite grippy.

They have good traction and definitely won’t slip on muddy streets.


  • Beautiful animal-print inner lining
  • Good stitching around the toe box and backstay
  • Doesn’t dig into your skin
  • Keeps your heels supported and doesn’t come off during running or jogging


  • The fabric might shrink a little when sun-dried after a wash

3. TOMS Men’s Classics Pumps

TOMS Men's Classics Pumps

TOMS has really done a great job with this pair- offering the best-in-class soles and stitches. If you’re not a fan of socks and want something comfy for your day-to-day outings, you can have a look at these classic pumps.

To begin with, this pair comes with high-quality suede insoles with comfortable cushioning. Additionally, the mixed-rubber outsole adds a nice touch of flexibility to the pumps.

We like its durable textile uppers- another classic TOMS feature. Its elastic V-style throat helps you put on the flats without much trouble. The stitching around the toe box is of good quality.

What’s unique about these pumps is the latex arch inserts. They keep your feet supported, especially if you have high arches.

Depending on what color you choose, you’ll find TOMS’s classic multi-colored inner linings or the latest animal-print one. You can go to casual outings in these stylish yet comfortable loafers or use them every day.


  • 1-piece, mixed-rubber outsole for better durability
  • The toe box is slightly flexible for more comfort
  • Latex inserts provide decent arch support
  • Comfortable suede insole


  • Might squeak a little when wet

4. TOMS Women’s Alpargata Cupsole Sneaker

TOMS Women's Alpargata Cupsole Sneaker

Who thinks alpargatas need to be solid-colored and boring? Definitely not TOMS! Here we have a pair of women’s cup sole sneakers. They are true to size and are now available in exciting new colors!

For starters, the shoes are made of high-quality fabric. They are also lightweight and won’t go one size up after you break them in. Now, if you’re a fan of TOMS classic alpargatas, consider these cup sole sneakers an upgrade!

You can find them in bold solids, pretty pastels, and abstract colors. There’s also a Randy’s Donut print that simply looks too good to be true in a pastel pink canvas.

If you want fun soles, you can go for the majolica blue. They show off beautiful and artistic soles spotted in black and white.

Moving on, there’s a decent level of arch support that we like in everyday-wear alpargatas.
The stitches seem durable and locked in. Overall, having a pair of these TOMS loafers is going to be so worth it.


  • Lightweight, everyday-wear flats with breathable lining
  • The rubber soles feel comfortable
  • Grippy, slip-proof outsoles for relaxed walking
  • Black and white striped lining covers your feet from the sides


  • Might run a bit short

5. TOMS Women’s Canvas Classics

TOMS Women's Canvas Classics

Nothing beats canvas shoes when it comes to comfort and functionality. As for these TOMS canvas classics, they are the easiest to put on and the most comfortable to walk around in.

Their mixed-rubber outsoles hold up nicely against the elements. Moreover, they’re soft and flexible so that your feet stay well-supported during the day.

You don’t need to pick one size up just because they support wider feet. Canvas shoes, in general, have a reputation for stretching after some time.

What we really liked about this pair was their overall finish. The glue job is well-done, and the backstays keep your heels fully covered. Similarly, we found the heel counters to be quite soft. They are not going to dig into your heels or cause any discomfort.

Moving on, the welt is pretty invisible- giving this pair a simple, straightforward look. If you’re not a fan of flashy footwear, you should really get one of these TOMS pairs.


  • Excellent stitches around the tox box and backstay
  • Flexible toe boxes relieve foot pain
  • The elastic V design is perfect for wider feet
  • Top-notch cushioned insoles


  • Not true to size

6. TOMS Canvas Classics

TOMS Canvas Classics

From basic canvas uppers to shimmering synthetic fabrics, TOMS sure knows how to spice things up. The glittering cheetah prints and faux shearlings speak for themselves. Above all, we particularly like this pair because of the comfortable, fast-drying synthetic soles.

To begin with, you can walk around in these shoes on muddy, off-road terrains. We think these slip-ons are great for summer and the monsoon simply because of how breathable they are.

However, people with high arches would love arch support as well. Good news is- the TOMS canvas classics come with latex arch inserts for more support. The footbeds are made of high-quality suede leather so that your feet stay snug all day long.

Moreover, the mixed-rubber outsole is quite flexible. We personally like its one-piece design because shoes look better this way. On top of that, the detailed toe box stitching makes the canvas uppers look premium. Finally, the textile linings are so porous that your feet won’t sweat at all.


  • Breathable fabric lining eliminates sweating from your feet
  • Detailed toe stitching for better durability
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Ideal for taking long walks and working in a garden


  • Average quality insoles

7. TOMS Men’s Espadrilles

TOMS Men's Espadrilles

If you’re picky about shoes, you should find this pair of gray espadrilles a perfect fit. We have seen quite a few women’s alpargatas. And now it’s time to try out these dashing espadrilles by no other than our favorite TOMS!

These gray shoes go with any attire. So, if you can’t decide what footwear to pick for the day, these neutral canvas shoes are the way to go. You get comfortable latex arch inserts with this model, and they keep your arches well-supported throughout the day.

Moving on, the toe-stitches are of fantastic quality. You can realize how enduring the stitches are from the first glance.

We also liked the suede, cushioned insoles of these brilliant espadrilles. The canvas uppers are complemented by elastic throats. In fact, the elastic part really helps you put on the shoes without any trouble.

Unlike sneakers, the slip-ons won’t leave your feet red and sweaty. They might smell after regular use, but it’s nothing a quick wash can’t fix!


  • Flexible mixed-rubber outsoles
  • Cushioned suede insoles for more comfort
  • Elastic V throats provide a snug feel
  • Satisfying arch support


  • Might look worn out after multiple washes

8. TOMS Women’s Canvas Classics

TOMS Women's Canvas Classics

Featuring leather insoles, comfortable uppers, and good heel support, these TOMS canvas classics are suitable for anyone with sensitive feet.

To begin with, we think these one-color canvas loafers look and feel extraordinary. The tongue and heel counter won’t dig into your skin. After all, the elastic V design on the throat does a wonderful job keeping your foot comfortable.

We like these lightweight canvas shoes because they are the easiest to pack for a light trip. If you’re going away for the weekend, carrying these high-quality canvas shoes along won’t be much of a problem.

Next up, we have the durable ethylene-vinyl acetate soles. Frankly, we were skeptical about synthetic soles, but these canvas loafers proved us otherwise. These are good quality soles and will definitely hold up against the elements.

Last but not least, the black and white striped linings cover your feet well. The gray canvas uppers sport a laid-back design with incredible stitches.


  • Durable synthetic soles can’t be damaged by water
  • Leather inner lining for a snug fit
  • Available in US sizes 6 to 10
  • Laid-back design with roomy toe boxes


  • The canvas upper might feel a bit stiff

9. TOMS Men’s Alpargata Rope Loafer

TOMS Men's Alpargata Rope Loafer

If you want original Alpargatas, this is it. TOMS brings you a pair of genuine Alpargata rope loafers with rubber insoles.

There’s no need to get used to something that you’ve never done before. And that’s why the rubber insoles are great alternatives to full-on rope-soled Alpargatas. The shoes are comfortable from the start; they let your feet breathe and provide a decent amount of arch support.

We picked out this pair of Alpargatas for their rope soles. The braided texture of a real rope is the main attraction here. Besides, the olive canvas uppers add to that classic laid-back style of TOMS loafers.

The linings cover your insteps- keeping your feet protected against sun exposure and the elements. You can walk your pets in the park, cover forest grounds and work on the farm with these Alpargatas.

However, if you have super wide feet, our advice is to go one size up because the tongue doesn’t have an elastic V shape on this pair.


  • Rope outsoles for an original Alpargata look
  • Sturdy backstay offers great heel support
  • Comes with rubber insoles for supporting the arches
  • True to size


  • Non-elastic throat might be problematic for people with wider feet

What to Look for Before Buying

Nothing compares to a pair of comfortable canvas shoes. And TOMS has a wide range of canvas loafers and Alpargatas that you can try.

Keep in mind the things we’ve pointed out below before you shop for shoes! Let’s get started!

Durable Soles

The insole and outsole quality matters a great deal. In fact, an uncomfortable insole can make your feet hurt and swell up. We particularly like shoes with cushioned insoles.

They are the comfiest when it comes to running errands and traveling. Besides, good-quality insoles and outsoles decide just how durable your footwear is going to be!

High-Quality Stitching

If the stitching around the outsoles, backstays, and toe boxes are of average quality, there’s no telling when they might come off. A pair of durable shoes will always have detailed stitching in all the important areas.

Breathable Canvas Uppers

If you think about it, sneakers and pumps have a lot in common. Both of these trending footwears cover your whole feet. Sneakers may offer better arch support, but pumps and Alpargatas simply have more flexibility.

Thanks to their breathable design, canvas loafers are the best for hot summer days. And when it gets nippy, you can always style them with socks.

Sufficient Heel and Arch Support

Alpargatas that keep your arches well-supported is worth their weight in gold. The flattest shoes put your feet in an uncomfortable position, especially if you have high arches. We recommend TOMS classic canvas shoes for their premium arch support.

Practical shoes for everyday wear also come with forgiving throats that don’t dig into your feet. Make sure the backstays are raised and covering your entire heel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are TOMS classic pumps any good?

TOMS classic pumps and loafers feel comfortable for long-term wearing. In fact, a pair of original TOMS loafers last multiple years. We like their cushioned insoles and breathable lining as well.

2. What makes TOMs Alpargatas so different?

Alpargatas or espadrilles are casual slip-ons that keep your toes and heels fully covered. However, Alpargatas by TOMS is different. They are sturdy, flexible, and have an elastic V shape on the throat area. It’s helpful for people with wider and sweaty feet.

3. Should I go one size up for new loafers?

When it comes to canvas shoes, you can choose your exact shoe size or go half a size down. These shoes are known to stretch after being worn regularly. If your canvas loafers are feeling a bit loose, try wearing them with socks.

Final Words

If you haven’t found a pair of comfortable canvas shoes, you’ll surely find them in TOMS. When you consider durable soles, good stitching, and support, there aren’t many shoes like TOMS. Take our advice, and get your first pair of TOMS right now. Happy shopping!