Top 10 Shoes Like Danskos – Reviews & Buying Guide


Do you have a job that has you running around all day? Or are you a fan of outdoor activities that take a huge toll on your feet? If yes, then you must have felt the need to invest in a great pair of comfortable shoes.

When it comes to comfort, there are very few shoes like Danskos in the market. And this is why we have made a list of the best ones and also provided you with a buying guide in this article. We hope this article helps you prioritize your comfort and provide you with all the support you need.

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Top 10 Shoes like Danskos Review

In terms of support, comfort, material, and maintenance, the following 10 shoes rank the highest among all. Take a look and find out which one suits you the most!

1. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs

The first shoe we are going to review today is the Dansko Women’s XP 2.0. They are a great staple for women anywhere around the world, particularly if they have to stay on their feet for a long period of time at a stretch.

These shoes are spacious enough to prioritize your comfort. Besides, the leather helps your feet breathe even through the material. So you can say goodbye to cases of cramped, sweaty feet.

One of the things users love about this shoe is that it distributes the pressure evenly across all points, thereby not making your feet hurt at the end of the day. You also have the option to change the footbed and replace it with one of your preference if you want.

Since this shoe is slip-resistant, it prioritizes your safety at all places. One pair of these shoes can last you for a very long time while giving you quality service, henceforth making it worth every dollar.


  • Made from leather to provide breathability
  • Includes a memory foam footbed that can be removed
  • EVA midsole ensures there is no added pressure on the feet
  • Spacious for your comfort
  • Slip resistance ensures no chance of injuries
  • Lasts for years


  • Makes loud sound while walking
  • Wiping can make the material lose its luster

2. Dansko Men’s XP 2.0

Dansko Men's XP 2.0

Just like the previous model, this set of Dansko shoes are a great fit for anyone staying on the run the whole day, with the only difference being it is catered to men. Excluding that, all the features are almost the same.

Nothing hurts as much as a cramped shoe when you have to work all day. Dansko understands that, and therefore, they ensure that you have enough space to wiggle your toes back and forth and keep the blood circulating.

Staying on your feet all day can lead to pain in other parts of the body besides the feet. To alleviate that, these shoes are made with lightweight material. The material helps distribute pressure to all areas evenly, thus eliminating any fatigue.

No matter how many steps you have to take, the super-soft foam bed and the shock-absorbent quality of the product ensure that your feet are relaxed. An added arch support technology also helps in this regard.


  • Has enough room for you to wiggle your toes in
  • Lightweight construction helps prevent pressure on feet
  • Equipped with a polyurethane foam footbed
  • Provides arch support to help alleviate fatigue
  • Absorbs shock to keep feet in good condition even after a lot of steps


  • Needs a little time to adjust

3. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko Women's Professional Clog

Here we have another great line from this brand – the Dansko professional clogs. Although these clogs were looked down upon as ugly shoes once, more and more people are realizing the advantages of wearing one due to its various features.

First of all, this product is one of the top choices of consumers when it comes to comfort. The way these shoes absorb shock with each step is really commendable, and it leaves your feet feeling relaxed even after long tiring days.

If you hate having to replace your shoes every few months due to wear and tear, then this model is the right choice for you. It can last for years without so much as a tear, no matter what activities you choose to do with it.

The thick, strong sole and the soft memory footbed really help to provide support to your feet and keep your posture right as you go about your day. On top of all these, the shoes always look like they have been newly bought due to the leather material.


  • Offers great shock absorption quality
  • Provides comfort throughout the day
  • Ranks high in terms of durability
  • Leather construction keeps the shoe looking new for a long time
  • Thick soles and foam footbed provides great support


  • Not the best in terms of looks

4. Sanita Men’s Pu Mule

Sanita Men's Pu Mule

Are you worried about spending too much on shoes but not willing to give up on the comfort they provide? Then these shoes are a great choice for you! Despite costing about half as the other shoes, this one ensures quality just like the best ones.

As it is made from 100% leather, this shoe stays in good shape for a long amount of time. Besides, the leather helps your feet breathe, which is ideal for jobs requiring long hours.

When you have to continuously be on the go, a shoe that has traction yet is not too slippery is a Godsend. This shoe has all those qualities thanks to its polyurethane sole.

The high arch and contours of the shoe are great for providing some extra support. It might take a bit of time to get used to, but once the adjustment is made, you will never want to buy anything else other than this pair!


  • High-quality shoe at an affordable price
  • Made from 100% leather
  • Polyurethane outsole ensures slip resistance
  • High arch provides support for longer areas


  • Soles are not too broad, therefore less stability

5. Dansko Women’s LT Pro Clogs

Dansko Women's LT Pro Clogs

Tired of buying comfortable shoes that look like they have gone through a train wreck in just a few months? Then you can consider getting the LT pro clogs by Dansko. These shoes have a stain-resistant leather surface that you can easily wipe down to keep in its best shape over the years.

Heavy shoes can be really painful for the feet if you have to work long shifts. This is why this model has a lightweight construction to help provide maximum support to your feet.

Besides comfort, another thing to look for in shoes is how well they hold on slippery surfaces. Well, this product definitely scores high in that criterion. No matter how slippery or oily the surface is, you will never face a fall with this one!

If you prefer a particular kind of footbed, then you can remove the included one from this model and get your chosen one. The included footbed is great too, and its cushioned nature is very comfortable.


  • Constructed with lightweight material to provide maximum support
  • Removable cushioned footbed ensures comfort
  • Can be used on slippery surfaces
  • Midsole is shock absorbent for lighter steps
  • Leather material can be wiped clean and is stain resistant


  • The insoles are of poor quality

6. SR Max Geneva

SR Max Geneva

If you need a shoe that has all the basic qualities to give you comfort without being too fancy, this could be meant for you. With features that prioritize comfort over frills, this model is quite a favorite among consumers.

Slip resistance is a must-have in any good shoe, especially if you have to cover a lot of ground in any job. With the help of the rubber outsole included in the shoe, you do not have to worry about slipping anymore.

Lightweight shoes are simply the best, as they do not put any added pressure on the feet. They can help make each of your steps feel as light as a feather. This product is of no exception.

Lastly, keeping your comfort in mind, this model has an EVA footbed that has been cushioned. This footbed provides the best comfort to your tired feet all day round.


  • Has a slip-resistant rubber sole
  • The midsole can efficiently absorb shock
  • Made with lightweight material
  • Cushioned EVA footbed ensures the highest comfort


  • A little bit tight across the top of the foot

7. Dansko Women’s Franny

Dansko Women's Franny

One of the worst things that can happen after ordering a shoe is if it does not fit, especially if you bought it for comfort. This shoe prevents that from happening with its hook and loop instep closure. The closure is adjustable, so you will have no time adjusting the shoe to your size.

It is essential to have a shoe that provides some breathability to your feet when you have a job that requires a lot of movement. This shoe ensures that through its leather lining.

Traction is a very important thing to consider in any shoe. The outsole made from rubber in this model helps you to gain maximum traction and to prevent you from slipping.

If you want, you can remove the footbed and replace it with another in this shoe. However, we are quite a fan of the soft-footbed. We also love the arch support that helps keep your feet in good shape for years.


  • Equipped with a hook and loop instep closure
  • The lining is made from leather for breathability
  • Has a rubber outsole for slip resistance
  • Footbed can be removed
  • Arch support maximizes comfort


  • Not the best looking shoes

8. Dansko Women’s Honor Comfort Shoes

Dansko Women's Honor Comfort Shoes

The model we are going to review now is well known among customers for its good fit. With a spacious toe box and an ankle space that has enough room, you will never have to worry about ankle pain or cramped toes again.

Sweaty feet can be a huge problem, especially since they result in a bad odor. But with this model, you can totally get rid of that case. The anti-microbial treatment provided in the footbed helps to keep your feet odor-free all day.

The biggest downside of comfort shoes is that they can get stained and look worn out very quickly. But the Honor Comfort shoes have been treated with 3M Scotchgard to keep stains at bay and uphold colors for a long period of time.

You can take as many steps as you want each day without the worry of leg pain the next day, thanks to the shock-absorbent quality of the midsole of this product. All in all, this is a great model


  • Controls odor through anti-microbial treatment in the footbed
  • Ensures a spacious fit
  • Equipped with natural arch technology to provide all-day comfort
  • Upper surface is treated with 3M Scotchgard to resist stains
  • Absorbs shock in each and every step


  • Known to make a loud sound

9. Dansko Women’s Patti Clog

Dansko Women's Patti Clog

Looking for a shoe that provides support outdoors just as much as it does indoors? Then this model could be the one for you. The features on this model make it a great choice for trekking, hiking, or any other long outdoor activity.

Equipped with a waterproof upper surface that is made of leather, this shoe suffers no damage, even in heavy rain or snow. That is why you can wear it all year long in any weather.

We love that the footbed that comes in this model has triple density. Thanks to that, your feet will not feel a thing even if you are engaged in a tiring activity. The moisture management system also helps in this regard.

Bad odor can be a source of discomfort for a lot of people. If your feet are prone to bad odor, then don’t worry anymore. The Cleansport NXT system in this model takes care of the odor and leaves your feet feeling fresh the whole time.


  • Waterproof upper leather provides protection all year round
  • Equipped with removable footbed which has triple density
  • Manages moisture with the help of DuPont Sorona Fiber
  • Takes care of odor thanks to Cleansport NXT system
  • Outsole provides stability on the slipperiest of surfaces


  • Can split open after prolonged usage

10. Dansko Women’s Charlie

Dansko Women's Charlie

Last but not least, we have the Dansko Women’s Charlie on our list. This model is great for those who are looking for something that not only looks good but also feels good. The sporty look is a great hit among all ages of women.

One of the best things about this model is how it has been constructed. The leather material equipped with laser-cut details is definitely eye-catching. To top it off, the fit is great too.

Stains are a gone deal with these shoes. The 3M Scotchgard treatment on the model has helped it to become resistant to stains, therefore making it all the easier to maintain.

Along with these, the rubber sole of the model helps ensure that the shoes last for a long amount of time. The breathable textile linings are also a great addition to help your feet breathe.


  • Gives a great sporty look
  • Made from high-quality material with great finishing
  • Resists stain through the help of 3M Scotchgard treatment
  • Soft textile lining help with breathability
  • Rubber outsole provides longevity and durability


  • Needs time to adjust

What to Look For Before Buying

Before buying shoes like Danskos, you should look for the following features in order to make the best decision for yourself;

Feet shape

The first thing you should look at is the shape of your feet. Since everyone has a different shape, you should look for a design that helps give your feet maximum comfort. For example, if you have a high arch, then curved bottom shoes and dense footbeds help. But for a relatively lower arch, semi-curved designs are the best.


Make sure the shoe you are going to buy has midsoles and outsoles. These will help provide your feet with the support they need in order to keep standing for long periods of time at a stretch.


Nothing sucks like heavy-built shoes when you have to be up on your feet all day. Hence, you should search for shoes that are made with lightweight material. It is better if the shoes have shock-absorbent qualities, as they will add a little bit more bounce to the step.


These shoes come in one of three kinds of materials– leather, suede, or fabric. Among these, leather is the easiest to clean but a little bit heavy. Suede ones have the best finishing but can be hard to maintain. Fabric options are great, too, if you do not do hard-core outdoor activities with them.

Moisture Management

Sweaty feet can make you feel uncomfortable all day long. To prevent that, you can look at models that have integrated technology to manage moisture. Breathable fabric linings help a lot in this regard.


If you have to move around a lot, a shoe that has flexibility is very important in order to prevent ankle and foot pain. You can check the flexibility o the shoes by bending them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do Danskos shoes last?

Most Danskos shoes, like other shoes, last around two years or longer. The difference here is that the shoes stay in good shape even at the end of their lifespan, the only exception being the midsole. You have the option to replace the midsole and keep using the shoes.

2. How to maintain these shoes?

If the shoes are stain-resistant, then that solves 90% of your problems. Otherwise, most leather shoes can be cleaned just by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Suede shoes are a bit harder to clean and might require separate cleaners.

3. Are these shoes okay for a nursing job?

A nursing job requires people to stay on their feet for hours in the end. Therefore, shoes like these are a great option in order to ensure maximum comfort and the prevention of foot fatigue.

Final Words

Shoes like Danskos are hard to come by, and they definitely are worth every penny. If you still are in need of a shoe that gives you all the comfort you need, definitely take a look at our recommended list and get shopping!