Shaving Tips for Black Men


Shaving isn’t just about taking a razor-sharp blade and utilizing it all over your face to remove the facial hair! It’s a sensitive task that requires some specific rules to follow.

Here, we’ll show you some shaving tips for black men because their skin can be pretty sensitive in some cases. And sometimes, they also have to deal with a couple of skin issues, including irritations, swelling, acne, or even minor infections!

Well, it’s your first duty to make your skin as soft as possible before you start shaving. In that case, it’s better to wash your whole face with soap, cleanser, and water to get rid of excess oil and dirt.

And never forget about nourishing your skin when your shaving task is complete. It will aid in keeping your face much softer and smoother than before.

Keep on reading the write-up till the end to get more information about shaving.

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Razor Bump Hacks

Razor Bump Hacks

Before you know how to deal with razor bumps, we suggest you first understand why it happens.

Razor bumps are tiny annoying swelling that you’ll notice on your skin after shaving, especially when the edgy point of your facial hair develops back into your face. It results in infection and inflammation from time to time.

Scientists refer to it as a medical condition when a simple ingrown hair turns into many hairs. It happens if you shave in a way that causes the hair to grow in the reverse direction or sometimes in the sideways.

Therefore, it causes unwanted irritations while you shave. Most darker-shaded guys suffer from this condition since they have a bit of tight skin. So, by following the tips mentioned below, you can easily get rid of these bumps and irritations.

Softening the Skin before Shaving

If your skin stays moist and warm, then it’d be easier to shave smoothly. Therefore, make sure to splash some warm water on your face that’ll soften your skin as well as the facial hair.

Next, you can clean your face with a cleanser or soap to wash away oil and/or dirt.

Removing Dead Skin Cells

Removing Dead Skin Cells

While cleaning your face, you can also use an exfoliator just in case you’ve dead skin cells. Although it’s not compulsory, it can certainly give your skin more softness and breathability by scrubbing off the dead cells.

To do that, simply use a brush, sponge, or you can even massage with your bare hands. In addition, scrubs like pumice, sugar, sand, or olive stones (crushed) might help you out to get rid of the dead skins.

The mechanism behind this is you cancel out the regeneration of the dead cells by using salicylic, glycolic enzymes, or acid’s involvement in the chemical solution.

By doing so, you can even skip the pre-cleansing or washing process itself since the exfoliator is capable of removing dirt or oil from the skin. But, if you don’t have time for scrubbing, then you can rely on the regular washing method.

Both of them are used to ensure the smoothness of your skin. The smoother, softer, and cleaner your skin is the more chances of getting a better shave.

Changing Your Regular Razor

One of the main reasons behind a painful or painless smooth shave depends on the razor you’re using. In general, many people make the mistake of using the regular multi-blade razor.

If you want to do your skin a favor, please stop using that. Instead of using such things, make sure to bring changes to the old-school double-edge safety razor.

Want to know why? Because most black guys have curly hair that grows in the reverse direction after shaving. And this causes irritations, bumps, and pain.

So, if you use the double-edge (single blade) razor, it allows you to shave comfortably and in any direction you want.

Therefore, if you’re a black man with sensitive skin, don’t torture your skin, and try to avoid the multi-blade razor and use a single blade instead.

Shaving Cream Selection

Another thing you can do for your skin is abandoning the foamy cream for shaving. It’s useless against sensitive skins.

As a substitute, select a cream that contains more hydrating lubricants like the Aloe Vera or Calendula Extracts.

These ingredients help to soothe your skin as well as giving you zero gentle inflammation and redness.

So, once you start using them, we’re pretty sure that you won’t turn back to your fancy foam shaving gel!

Using Oil before Shaving

For black people, it is a must to use oil before shaving. It aids in softening the curly skin hairs and helps the razor glide effortlessly for a perfect shave.

Now, many of you might think, what’s the point of cleaning or exfoliating your skin if I have to oil it up later on?

Pretty good question! Listen, you should use both of them to soften your skin. The pre-shave oil plays a significant role in smoothening your skin, and on the other hand, cleansing the oil removes the pollution from your face.

Limiting Ingrown Hair by Shaving Along the Grain

Finally, you’ve reached the shaving part. So, while shaving, remember to shave along the grain. This term simply means that you’ve to shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Don’t try to shave in the opposite direction, as it can cause pain and irritation. Many guys do that because they want a closer shave, which is a major problem due to having curly and tight hair.

Anyways, shaving in the same direction restricts the possible risk of ingrown hairs. As a bonus tip, try to avoid shaving the same area over and over again.

Nourishing Your Skin after Shaving

Skin after Shaving

Once you’ve successfully done the shaving process without any pain or bumps, try to apply a face lotion or other nourishing creams to avoid further irritations. In this way, you can take good care of your skin.

Keep in mind, if your skin is oily, be wise with the cream or lotion selection as wrong picking can cause clogged pores. Also, be sure not to use any alcohol-based aftershave since it doesn’t bring any good to your tight skin.

In most cases, coconut oil, aloe vera, hyaluronan, or such ingredients can naturally get the “soothing” job done.

Wrapping Up!

Keeping your skin healthy and smooth is just not necessary; it’s a must. It doesn’t matter whether you are a black or white guy.

By following the inaccurate rules and techniques in terms of shaving, there is a huge possibility of ending up with skin irritations, acne, or even infections.

So, we hope our above-written shaving tips for black men will come in handy for you.