Long Hair Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Black Men


We’ve seen a lot of people, especially black guys with small and curly hair. Although over 95% of black men have got short curly hair by birth, that doesn’t mean they can’t make their hair longer.

Yep, you definitely can make your hair pretty long, and that too without providing too much maintenance!

Our expert team did plenty of research finding some of the long hair low maintenance hairstyles for black men.

And guess what? Most of these are so popular and easy to wear that anyone can choose them to look way classier and more stylish.

Dreads are pretty much well-known among the black guys who prefer long hair without excessive maintenance. But you’ll have to spend a little more time setting it up appropriately.

On the other side, you can just grow your hair as long as possible if you’re fond of naturally long hair. But if your choice is different, feel free to move forward to get familiar with the other available styles.

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Naturally Long Hair

Naturally Long Hair

Is there any other way to make your hair tip-top than your own naturally grown long hair? Of course, not. That’s why we chose this option at the very beginning of our list.

With this hairstyle, you need to do just one thing: growing your hair naturally – no dreadlocks, no buns, no afros, no cornrow, nothing!

As the long hairstyle requires minimal maintenance compared to other styles, it enables you to invest in other necessary products and tools that’ll make your hair more elegant and natural.

Dreads (Long Black Type)

Now, we’re about to show you a pretty different and wonderful hairstyle, which is the long black-type dreads. Sometimes, you need to spend some extra time to set the hair, but it’s worth it since it is comparatively low maintenance.

Dreads are versatile, and you can wear them differently as you like. So, that’s why you’ll soon find out some other types of dreads in this article later on. For a low maintenance longer use, this dread style fits right.

Thankfully, dreads aren’t meant to be perfect. Don’t go for the even length and width of the dreads but try to stay with the island look that has width variation. It will definitely level down your maintenance.

Dreadlocks (Micro)

So, you already know about the dread. Now, it’s time to visit the “micro dreadlock world.”

If you have long hair, then micro dreads can be your perfect wear as a black man. Like we have already mentioned, dreads are a versatile style, so micro dreads are no different. You can style them in various ways and wear them both up and down.

Most of the men try to experiment with their hair in numerous colors. This micro dread style can be a good choice for them as it’ll allow them to try out different variations.

Another good reason for the micro dreads to be so useful is that they can get you the professional look you want to maintain. You might need a bit more time to get used to the micro dread style, but it’s worth it!

Dreadlocks (Jumbo)


Well, if you ask us to describe the jumbo or large dread in one word, the answer would be “impressive.”

For the setup, you might need additional products and some time to obtain the desired look. But, the result would be satisfying in the end.

This trendy style is great when you keep the long dreads on the peak while fading the lower sections. So, to ensure a classy and unique look, this what you should try.

Casual Hairstyle (Bun)

Have you ever wished you could maintain the classy looks with messy bun hairstyles? Is it “Yes?” Alright then. You can have them as most women do.

Hands down, it’s a versatile hairstyle that you can do in multiple ways. That means you can give the style your own creative touch if you want.

For example, if you intend to keep long hair with the bun, make sure to put up the bun on top and place the long hair around it.

On the other hand, for a shorter hair bun look, put up the bun on top, similar to the long hair, but cut the sides and everything comparatively shorter.

Why should you do this hairstyle? Because it’s fast, it’s easy, and you can get endless possibilities to style your hair. Moreover, if you want to look great, putting up the half-top knot might be your favorite option.

Bun (High-Braided)

This one isn’t a low-maintenance hairstyle, but considering its popularity in mind, we had to put this on the list. After all, this hairstyle is super trendy and classy.

Frankly speaking, you need a couple of months or so for the style to be perfect, but the maintenance shouldn’t be a concern anymore once you do this correctly.

You can either wrap or braid the bun; both look pretty much awesome.

Like the previous ones, this will take some time as well, and you can do it in several ways. Considering the outstanding look, you’re getting, we are pretty sure that you won’t mind spending extra effort and time on it.

Cornrows (Long)

Cornrows are a widely popular hairstyle amongst black people for low maintenance. You can have a classy look after wearing it appropriately.

Although this look requires an expert to set the hair perfectly, you’ll feel the elegance of the style. After you set them tightly, forget the idea about changing them soon.

Black men who always want to keep their hair in a stable position can choose the cornrow without a second thought!

Natural Afro

Natural Afro

Want to get familiar with a hairstyle that will never be outdated? Then, the naturally long afro can be a good example. It gives you the opportunity to do anything you want with this cut.

Let’s say, if you need to provide higher maintenance and style it, it’s possible. Besides, it’s also possible if you want to put the bun up on top. Seems interesting, right?

Keep in mind that you need to find the products that suit your hair best. So finding the right one can be a little annoying at times.

Tips: Those who don’t mind investing a bit more can spend some extra cash on hair products, which suit them the best for the afro look.

Afro (Layer)

If you want a younger look, then you can consider this layered afro style. Also, if you randomly like to change your hairstyle and tend to keep long hair, then the afro layer can suit you most.

In order to attain the look, you’ll find that the top layer of hair is shorter than the bottom parts of your head. Although it can be set up in multiple different ways as per your preference, we suggest you keep this look with some beard on your face.

Afro with Long Fringe

Nowadays, many men want to keep the sides of the head trimmed tightly, whereas the top contains long hair. So, following this trend, we’ve got another afro style with the long fringe in the front.

Cut the front hairs similar to the rest. Otherwise, keeping the front too long can cover your face.

The advantage of this style is that the short hair will give you the chance to think about growing it later or not. If you want to pull the hair back, keeping them as it is or pushing them to the side will be a wise decision.

Overall, black guys should pick this up, especially those who prefer stylish longer hair.

Wrapping Up!

From now on, there is no need to stay fixed in a specific hairstyle. By following the list of long hair low maintenance hairstyles for black men, it’ll be pretty easy to get the one that you’re looking for!

It doesn’t matter what style you’re going to follow; it’s necessary to give some time to your hair so that it can grow completely and perfectly, keep in mind!