Important Hair Care Tips for Black Men


A black man’s hair is high-maintenance; there is no doubt about that! So when you are trying to develop a routine to make your locks more manageable, you will face tons of difficulties!

But it doesn’t mean that you will stop taking care of your hair! Your hairstyle reflects your personality! Well, at least that’s what they say!

And if you feel lost and don’t know where to start, stop pulling out your hair in frustration because we’ve got your back!

Here, we have some important hair care tips for black men to save you from the ordeal!
So to figure out a complete routine, walk with us to the end!

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What’s Your Hair Type?

Hair Type

If you are really determined to start taking care of your hair, you need to start with the basics first. And so, you need to be sure about your hair type before you proceed further.

Here are the types of locks black men have; take a look at this quick guide for better understanding.

• Straight

When your hair is growing out, the straight hair will lay down on its own.

• Wavy

If you have this type, your long locks will have a wavy S-shaped pattern. And they will be foldable!

• Coiled

As a black man, you are pretty familiar with this hair type. You will have loose or corkscrew curls, and generally, they are frizzy!

• Kinky

Well, it is another common texture of afro hair. If you have this, your scalp will have tight and small curls, just like springs!

Now that you have found out your actual hair type, it’s time for us to introduce you to some of the best hair care tips that will change your life!

Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

Tips One: Get Rid of the Dandruff

Like with any other type, one of the biggest afro hair problems is dandruff! Your scalp gets flaky, it feels itchy all the time, and the white bits of dandruff are too much to take!

Hence, if you suffer from dandruff problems, you need to take some serious action!

Mainly this problem occurs when your scalp is dry. Therefore, you need to moisturize your hair religiously. Moreover, it would be best if you stopped washing your hair with shampoo every single day.

Besides, you can start using anti-dandruff products or home remedies to get rid of this issue. However, things can be a little harsh for hair, so you have to maintain a top-notch moisturizing routine at any cost!

Dandruff can also start bothering you if you don’t properly wash your hair. When you are spending more time in outdoor activities, your hair will get dirty pretty soon!

In that case, while choosing your shampoo, don’t go for the products that are made entirely with chemicals. Try to switch to some natural and mild products if you feel the necessity of cleaning your dirty hair frequently.

Tips Two: Maintain a Shampoo Schedule

Washing your hair correctly is the first step of its maintenance. If you don’t complete this procedure correctly, your hair will never be on point!

Every regular person should shampoo their head at least once a weak. When you start doing more than that, you will eliminate the natural oil from the scalp, which is something you don’t want.

But if you have to wash your hair regularly because of the dirt, grease, and buildups, you can wash your hair up to three times a week. Otherwise, you will start losing your hair pretty soon!

Tips Three: Never Skip Moisturizing

There is no better way than moisturizing if you want to manage your African hair! No matter your hair type, you need to use conditioner or any other hydrating cream to keep your locks under control!

The most popular option available for you is to use a rinse-out conditioner. You can apply it to your hair after washing it with shampoo and rinse the conditioner after a few minutes.

Moreover, you can also use natural oils such as coconut or jojoba for a better experience. In this way, you can avoid chemicals and ensure a fantastic hair care routine for yourself.

Here are some all-natural oils that you can add to your daily routine.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tips Four: Get a Low-maintenance Hair Cut

maintenance Hair Cut

You may not love this idea, but getting a low-maintenance haircut will save you from tons of trouble. Long and fancy haircuts often require more care than regular ones.

So if you want to stay light and breezy, you can go for shorter lengths as they are more controllable.

Additionally, when you keep using styling products in your hair, such as pomades or gel, they can cause buildups in your scalp which won’t be appealing at all!

However, if you still don’t want to make any compromises, you can talk to your barber to figure out a routine to maintain your hairstyle.

Tip Five: Pick Your Products Carefully

There are plenty of beauty products out there for you, but not all of them offer benefits. We see hundreds of influencers every day who are swearing by the product they are promoting but are those really effective?

And when it’s about skin and hair care, men tend to go to the local store and grab the first thing they see! But if you really want to get results, you need to spend more time on it!

When you have curls, you need to pick something that will maintain its natural essence. And if you try to force a hair care product that’s made for straight hair, everything will be doomed!

So pick your product according to the type and demand of your locks. If you have any particular issue, you can try to get something specifically made for it.

Moreover, some ingredients are incredibly harmful to you. Therefore, while shopping, eliminate those products from your cart to stay on the safe side.

Here are the things you need to avoid for a better experience.

  • Alcohol
  • Petroleum
  • Mineral oil
  • Sulfate
  • Formaldehyde

So if your pomades, shampoos, or conditioners are manufactured with these ingredients, get rid of them immediately!

Tips Six: Get the Right Combs and Brushes

You can either get a comb or a brush; both of them are going to be perfect for styling your locks. But you need to pick the accurate one as your looks depend on it.

If you are going with a brush, you have to select the perfect bristles as it will determine your hairstyle. Brushes with soft bristles will keep your hair flat and make it more convenient.

And for advanced styling, hard-bristled brushes are a wise choice.

However, if you want your hairbrush to serve both of these purposes equally, medium-bristled ones will get the job done.

Now let’s talk about combs. It would help if you had a comb with wide teeth and a seamless design. And make sure you are getting something that’s heat and static resistant.

No matter what grooming tool you choose for styling, don’t use them in wet locks. It will damage your hair follicles and cause split hair.

Therefore, let your hair dry properly, and then you can try any hairstyle you want.

Tips Seven – Maintain a Proper Diet

It’s not only for your hair; you should maintain a proper diet for your overall health. So stop eating greasy and junk foods!

You can try consuming foods such as salmon, avocados, nuts, and olives for excellent hair growth. These foods will maintain the prime condition of your hair effortlessly.

Wrap Up

Most black men feel a little confused when it’s about styling their locks. Well, we can’t blame you, can we?

However, that won’t be an issue anymore, thanks to the important hair care tips for black men we’ve just given you! After following these ideas, you are going to rock those Instagram photos! That’s the goal, right?