How to Sharpen Hair Clipper Blades Easily?


When we talk about maintaining facial hair, a hair clipper always comes in handy. But if you don’t know how to sharpen hair clipper blades easily, you won’t get the maximum benefit from it!

Put a smile on your face as sharpening the blades of a clipper isn’t that difficult at all! You just need to collect perfect honing steel for your clipper blades and use it properly. Afterward, it’s essential to apply a certain amount of clipper oil, which will keep the blades in excellent condition.

Please don’t make the mistake of moving on to the sharpening session right away. It’s a must to clean the blades and let them get dry before getting the job done.

Well, keep on reading to get more ideas about sharpening.

A Couple of Things to Do Before Sharpening

Sharpen Hair Clipper Blades

It’s not a good idea to jump into the sharpening task straight away. Before you start sharpening, do the following things:

Making Your Blades Clean

Cleaning the blades should be your first and most important thing to do. The corner of the blades might get dull at times, especially due to the dust build-up.

In that case, make sure to reduce any hair and stuck-on dirt from the blades.

Taking the Blades off

For taking off the blades, ensure to turn off your clipper. Now, you have to remove the screws designed to attach the edges.

When it comes to clipper blades, it’s pretty common to find two points for connecting. But in case you find it a bit tough to remove the blades, feel free to take assistance from tweezers.

Time for Brushing off

Have you successfully removed the blades from your clipper? If so, then it’s the right time to brush off any hair and stubborn dirt. Take help from a wire brush, steel wool, or toothbrush to get rid of dust more effectively.

Using a Specific Blade Wash

If you notice rust or anything like this after taking off the blade, it’s better to use a particular blade wash. We suggest soaking it in an average-sized bowl and wait for a couple of minutes.

But if you still notice stubborn marks, be sure to dip a single piece of cotton ball and utilize it by vigorously scrubbing those areas.

Allowing the Blades to Get Dry

After completing the washing task, get your hands on a piece of clean cloth to wrap the blade entirely, so it gets completely dry. It’s okay to perform the above-written step once again if you still notice stubborn marks and rust. There’s no problem at all!

The Easiest Way of Sharpening Hair Clipper Blades: Step-By-Step Guide

Sharpen Hair Clipper Blades

So finally, you’ve made your clipper blade spick-and-span. That’s good, and now you should sharpen it. In this case, you should thoroughly follow all of the steps below. So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Collecting the Right Honing Steel

Without having honing steel, it won’t be easy to sharpen your hair clipper blades. So if you don’t have this accessory, it’s necessary to buy a new one.

It would be best to keep in mind that ceramic and metal blades aren’t compatible with the same honing stones. So, if you unconsciously get your hands on the incorrect one, there’s a considerable possibility of ruining your clipper blades!

Step 2: Using It Appropriately

30 – 45 degrees are considered to be the correct angle, and moving the blades toward the front will be a wise decision to sharpen them. Other directions won’t be that effective to get the job done.

The motion of blade sharpening should be repeated a couple of times till the corner of your clipper blades appears to be shiny and more even. And guess what? Now you can apply that exact technique on the opposite side of the blade.

Do you think it’s a bit risky to hold the blades with your bare hands? If so, we recommend you use a flat magnet or blade holder for metallic clippers. By doing so, you can minimize the risk.

Step 3: Reassembling Blades

Since you’ve sharpened and cleaned your clipper blades, now your job is to reassemble them right away.

Make sure to put it back as gently as possible, and don’t forget to put all the screws that you’d removed before back in their place. By doing so, the blades of your clipper will remain stable and in place.

Step 4: Applying Clipper Oil

Nothing can replace clipper oil for keeping your clipper blades in good condition. It plays a vital role in keeping overheating issues out of your device, ensuring optimal performance.

However, it’s very important to consider the type of clipper oil because not all will be friendly with your hair clipper.

Try to use the one that’s not that dark and heavy as it might clog or block the blades, so be careful while picking!

Step 5: Let’s Run It!

Since everything is successfully done, it’s better to let it run for 2-3 minutes. Checking the device at a glance won’t be a bad idea as you’re going to use it on your hair from now on. And yes, you’ll definitely notice a few differences. This time, the blade will seem to be sharper and even better than before!

The Effective Way of Maintaining Clipper Blade

Maintaining Clipper Blade

It’s possible to keep your clipper blades in good condition and last long by properly maintaining them. So don’t miss the following things if you care for your essential stuff.

Always Keeping the Clipper Clean

Maintaining the blade on a daily basis is required to ensure optimal performance. So always try to clean it after every use.

Storing in Dry Places

If you keep your clipper blades in wet places, there is a high chance of the blades rusting. So, we suggest storing them out of your bathroom and in a dry place.

Using Blade Guards

Almost every clipper comes with a particular blade guard, which protects the blade from any hair and debris; also, it keeps the blade away from losing or chipping blade teeth.

Applying Blade Oil Daily

As you know, blade oil is effective in order to reduce friction, so we prefer using it at least once per day. Thus, you can maintain your clipper blades and use them longer.

Wrapping Up!

The topic of how to sharpen hair clipper blades easily will be helpful for you if you think sharpening blades is challenging and time-consuming.

Don’t forget to collect the right honing steel to complete the task successfully. And our suggestion is to use a blade holder for metallic clippers, especially if you want to stay in a safe zone while sharpening. Safety matters!