How to Maintain Your Beard? – Care And Maintain Tips


The beard is something that requires adequate maintenance. So, if you don’t know how to maintain your beard in a proper way, it won’t be possible to get the Carlos R. Costa-type beard!

Well, from moisturizing your facial hair to making them entirely clean, there are so many things you should do to make your beard more stylish and more aesthetic. And don’t forget to apply beard balm, conditioner, or softener; these will come in handy when it comes to maintaining your beard.

Shaping or trimming your beard is also crucial to make them look more appealing. And after all, most of us don’t want to highlight the curly or curvy-type facial hairs, right?

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Multiple Aspects of Grooming Your Beard

Grooming Your Beard

Thankfully, people can maintain their beards in a bunch of different ways. Many of them have their own ways to do that.

Unfortunately, if you’re struggling to figure out what to do, then you can follow these categories mentioned below and start grooming your attractive beard in the best way possible.

  • Nourishing and moisturizing the beard
  • Making it clean and organized
  • Styling and trimming
  • Growing beard in a healthy way

Nourishing and Moisturizing the Beard

Frankly speaking, your beard needs the same amount of nourishment and moisturizing as your hair gets.
It’s important to moisturize your beard so that it remains soft and supple. Simply do that using a beard balm or cream, or maybe by applying a certain amount of oil.

Applying Oil

Undoubtedly, oiling is the most natural way to hydrate your beard. We recommend you oil your beard once per day so that it can get the proper nourishment and softness, and that too in the most natural way possible.

Many of you have faced the wiry feeling of your beard as a result of improper maintenance and nourishment. To make sure it doesn’t happen again, try to apply the oil like a leave-in conditioner. Make it a part of your daily routine.

The preferable time to apply oil is right after taking a shower. Yep, that’s the perfect time to oil, for which your beard can stay protected all day long.

Make sure not to dry or wipe out your beard after the shower, keep it a little damp and then apply the oil.
Try to oil into the roots of the hair as it will focus on the skin beneath your beard. Probably, it’s the finest way to take proper care of your good-looking beard.

Beard Cream

Beard Cream

These days, skincare, as well as beard care, is constantly upgrading day by day. As a result, you’ll find enough products in the market that can provide you nourishment. Beard cream or balm, whatever you may like to call it, works kind of similar to oil.

Therefore, you can apply it right after the shower like oil. Since the cream and oil function similarly, the choice is up to you whether to use them both or not. Both of them have different advantages and disadvantages as well.

The beard cream works for a long period of time, but it’s a bit heavier than oil in terms of texture. We suggest applying it once per day and, if possible, use it before going out somewhere.

Making It Clean and Organized

Believe it or not, this step is very crucial to follow. If you don’t do it correctly, it’ll affect your whole personality. But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Just make sure to follow the below-mentioned factors to keep your beard clean and even better.

Brushing or Combing

Yes. It’s important to brush your beard on a regular basis. Do you know why? Because without combing, your beard can grow in unwanted and awkward ways or directions.

Here is a quick tip – you should always carry a pocket comb with you so that you can brush anywhere and at any time. While combing, try to use a loose grip like a toothbrush.

Washing with Conditioner or Softener

Washing with Conditioner

Now, your beard is organized after brushing, but if it’s not clean, then it might be annoying and unhygienic for you as well as the people around you. Therefore, cleaning them from time to time is your next task.

So, the question is how to do it? Well, you don’t have to wash it every single day. But at least do it twice a week. It’s better to use softeners to clean your beard.

As you know, facial hair is different from hair from the rest of the body due to its rough texture, so it must be maintained in a way to make it more soft and gentle.

Is there any better way than a conditioner or softener to do that? Probably not. So, after you wash and clean your beard appropriately, make sure to use conditioners to give them the essential hydration it requires.

Styling and Trimming

So, are you a style freak? If so, then this part is going to be most interesting for you. And when it comes to maintaining a beard, it’s essential to follow some trimming techniques and styling tips.

Apply Balm or Wax

There are tons of products in the market that have great abilities to hold and control your beard without getting heavier.

If you switch to them, these will help to hold the hairs tightly. And guess what? They bring variations in your lifestyle as well. Try to experiment with different styles and shapes on the beard with the balm.

There are plenty of options for you to style a long beard with a mustache, or short thick beard, patchy beards, and many more. Hands down, a top-notch styling balm can do it all with ease.

Trim and Resize

Another important styling aspect is trimming and shaping your beards precisely. Trimming is a good idea for starters as it ensures the healthy growth of the beards.

Once you have found the ideal shape, try to resize them on a regular basis. But be sure to avoid trimming when your beard is wet.
Ensure to trim in the neckline areas to maintain the curves. Removing the excess hair from that particular area gives you a cooler and more masculine look.

Growing Beard in a Healthy Way

Growing Beard in a Healthy Way

Since the beard is considered a part of our body, it also needs proper nutrition and some specific ingredients to maintain healthy growth. Otherwise, you might face difficulties with the lifestyle you want to live.

Diet and Exercise

Exercising is as important as your diet to have a healthy life, and yes, it’s also necessary to maintain a healthy growth of beard.

Proper sleep and physical activity like weight lifting and cardio exercises play a vital role in testosterone production, and it aids in growing hair and beard naturally.

Similarly, you can add spinach, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, and rice to your diet plan. Also, try to have protein-based diets like eggs, salmon, and chicken to get amino acids. Trust us; these will help to grow healthy facial hair.


As you know, healthy skin comes from different nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbs, and minerals.

Therefore, you must take sufficient amounts of nutrients to make sure you don’t lag behind others. Try to consume more vitamin A, B6, B12, C, E, beta carotene, biotin to keep yourself healthy and active.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Play with Beard!

We’ve seen a lot of guys who always play with their mustache or beard, without any reason. But frankly speaking, it’s not a good way to maintain your beard!

If you twirl or twist your mustache and facial hair repeatedly, they become curly day by day. And the result?

You’ll lose the aesthetic shape of your beard after a couple of days, even after using one of the bests beard oils, balms, or things like that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it okay to use beard oil every single day?

use beard oil every single day

Yep, it’s best to use specific beard oil once per day. This will moisturize your face underneath the beard, improving the health of your facial hair in a natural way.

2. Is using shampoo needed to maintain our beard?

Using a beard-friendly shampoo is always better to keep our facial hair smooth and shiny. Be sure to apply it at least once a week to get the best result.

3. Are beard balms effective?

Of course! The beard balm is a better combination of beeswax, shea butter, and some essential oils, making it great for your facial hair, especially if you want to shape your mustache and beard in your own way.

Wrapping Up!

Establishing stylish, well-trimmed, and healthy facial hair isn’t that challenging if you know how to maintain your beard correctly. Be sure to take good care of your beard, just like you take care of the rest of your body!

So, eat well, take adequate rest, and maintain a healthy lifestyle for healthy and natural beard growth!