How to Keep Razors Sharp? – Expert Shaving Tips


There is no need to spend hours reading magazines or blogs to know how to keep razors sharp. We, along with our expert team, will teach you everything about this topic so you can hold the sharpness of your razors for long.

When it comes to holding the sharpness, it’s always necessary to keep your blade clean and dry so that it won’t end up with stubborn dirt and rust.

Feel free to use olive/vegetable oils if you still notice any rust and want to get rid of it straight away.
And guess what? The “friction method” is the easiest way you can choose to keep your razors sharp. Are you feeling surprised? Okay, let us show you how!

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How to Keep Razors Sharp? – Step By Step Guide

Cleaning the Blades Thoroughly

From removing our body hairs to shaving our facial hairs, we can use razors for many purposes. And guess what? We need to use soap, shaving creams, and such things with a razor. So inside the blades, these things might get jammed at times.

That is the reason why you should clean your razors after each use. In this case, we prefer using any brush or toothbrush, which will be effective in terms of removing any hair and stubborn dirt from your razor blades.

Enabling the Blades to Get Dry

Drying blades

Since razor blades are mostly made of metal, chances are they might end up with rust. So after using and cleaning the razor, make sure to dry it out as soon as possible.

There is no need to apply any specific techniques at all; all you need to do is pick up a clean towel or cloth and wipe the blades safely. That’s it!

The point to be noted – keeping the blade inside your bathroom isn’t always necessary.

You just need to get your hands on the razor when you need it. So, when you aren’t using it, feel free to keep it inside a cabinet to minimize moisture.

Applying Alcohol Trick

Putting down the razor quickly into alcohol won’t be a bad idea, especially if you’re wondering about drying it in no time. By doing so, it’s also possible to make the blades cleaner.

Using Baby Oils and Minerals

oil on razor

When it comes down to the soaking option, using minerals and baby oils might be a better decision since they prevent rust or such things in the best way possible.

Good to know, some of the razors out there are equipped with moisture strips. And guess what? Dissolving the strips might be a common problem if you use baby oils and minerals. Be careful!

Thankfully, you can use vegetable and olive oil, which can keep the rusting issues away from your razor blades.

Getting a Specific Cover for Your Razor

cover blades

In order to retain the sharpness of your razors, a piece of razor cover will be efficient. It plays a vital role in keeping moisture away from the stuff, ensuring the optimal longevity of your razor blade.

It’s better to have a sheath made of leather for your safety razor (double-edge). And yes, anyone can get it without spending a lot of money. It’s also good to have blade cases or guards if you’re using different kinds of razors.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a sheath or not; make sure to keep your razor in dry places, and of course, they should be far away from your bathroom.

So after completing your shaving session, be sure to dry it off and put it in a moisture-free place. If not, the possibility of ending up with rust will be higher; keep in mind!

Cleaning Through Cotton Balls

Hands down, a cotton ball is capable of making the blades clean and rust-free. By soaking just a single piece of cotton ball in alcohol, it’s possible to disinfect 99.99%, clean, and cast the rust away from your razor at the same time.

Sharpening Blade by Applying Friction!

Undoubtedly, sharpening your razor blade is the most important thing to do to keep it sharp. Speaking of the procedure, it’s comparatively easy and less time-consuming.

So if you perform it correctly, nobody can’t stop you from keeping razors sharp and smooth.

Want to learn the easy-peasy way? Okay, keep on reading!

  • First off, you should collect a pair of old denim, jeans, or something similar.
  • Put that on a dry, hard, and flat surface, and the place should be clean and there shouldn’t be any sharp objects.
  • It’s better to clean your razor through soap and lukewarm water.
  • Try to move the razor with a smooth continuous motion on the denim or jeans, and the direction should be opposite to that which we use while shaving our facial hairs.
  • You should repeat this motion nine to fourteen times in the exact same spot.

Now, you can change the spot for doing it once again. But don’t try to provide extreme pressure since it might damage your razor.

So, it’ll be a piece of cake to sharpen the blades by applying the above-written techniques. After completing the task, rinse the blade off immediately, let it get completely dry, and store the blade in a dry place.

Note: Although it’s not possible to use a razor forever, you’ll be able to enhance the lifespan and overall performance of your blade by following the “friction method.”

And after all, it minimizes the extra cost you require to spend on razor blades!

Wrapping Up!

It’s not always possible for everyone to spend a fortune on a high-end razor. So if you care for your old essential stuff, our write-up on how to keep razors sharp will help you a lot.

The way of sharpening we’ve mentioned above is pretty easy. So you can do it yourself anytime and in no time!

Alongside the sharpening, you should pay equal attention to cleaning it up after each use and storing it in dry places to keep razors sharper.