How to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots? – (Simple Ways)


Are you tired of using your slippery cowboy boots for long and want to learn how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots? Keep your worries aside; it’s not rocket science at all!

Yep, you heard it right! There is no need to spend extra bucks to get rid of heel slippage. Sometimes, a pair of thick socks or heel cushions do the job by adjusting your feet perfectly with your cowboy boots.

And guess what? You can insert something soft (e.g., toilet papers, pieces of cloth) inside your boots in case your footwear has got a tip that’s longer than your feet. And needless to say, having a long tip is a common reason behind heel slippage.

Also, if you see your newly-purchased boots are kind of slippery, make sure to apply the “break-in” method straight away. It’s pretty much effective in terms of reducing the chance of heel slippage.

For more information and methods, please read the whole write-up!

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Why Does the Heel Slip off?

Investigating the reason behind the heel slippage is crucial to fix the issue efficiently and be alert from further incidents. In general, slipping off of the heel happens due to the following reasons:

  • Having extra-wide instep or heel on the cowboy boots
  • Wet Category
  • After buying a new boot, heel slippage can occur at times
  • If you forget about breaking in
  • For having a longer tip of the cowboy boots than the foot

Methods to Fix the Heel Slippage

So, you know all the reasons behind the troubles you are facing, now it’s time to fix them as soon as possible.
In order to do that, we’ve successfully divided the following sections into some interesting methods based on their categories. So, do check all of those parts below:

Category1: If the Cowboy Boots Have a Longer Tip, But You Have Smaller Feet!

Well, this is a common problem with cowboy boots. In most cases, people with smaller feet choose boots with long insoles and pointed toes to conceal their feet.

But, choosing boots with longer insoles leads them to the heel slippage problem. Therefore, you can fix this issue by applying the following two specific methods.

Method 1: Inserting Soft Objects into the Boots

Many soft objects like toilet paper and pieces of cloth are efficient for the heel slippage problem of cowboy boots. Insert the soft cotton cloth inside the boot’s tip. It supports your feet for better fitting with cowboy boots.

But, keep in mind, you can’t use any hard objects instead of softer ones. Otherwise, you’ll eventually end up damaging your toes as well as the cowboy boots.

Method 2: Using Heel Cushion

While considering this method, you should be careful about using the cushion. As the cowboy boots can become very tight after using the heel cushion, you might feel that your heel is restricted.

Better to know, this can work great to shorten your toe distance from the tip of the boots. So, it means there will be no slippage anymore as your instep will be closely fitted to the pair of shoes.

Category2: If Your Heel doesn’t Fit the Boot’s Heel

The fitting problem of cowboy boots isn’t new. Due to having no particular shoelaces, people often face this issue in cowboy boots. So, be sure to fix the problem with the following methods:

Method 1: Getting Thicker Socks

The first one up is a pretty standard and easy method: using a pair of thick socks.
Believe it or not, the socks really help solve the “heel slippage” problem by fitting your heels into the cowboy boot’s heel. It means the pair of thick socks are actually increasing your heel’s contact area with the cowboy boot’s heel.

Method 2: Cushioning the Heel

To perform the task, you can use heel pads, heel grips, or heel cushions – any of them can be helpful. When you use them, they’ll cushion your heel and increase its contact area with the boot’s heel, similar to method 1.

The heel grip covers a wide area of the cowboy boot’s heel so that you have no slippage problems. Besides that, the cushioning system is excellent for reducing your pain from ankle joints.

And guess what? It works just fine to treat your cracked heels, dry heels, inflammation, and many more.

So, you’re getting the two-in-one facility if you intend to apply this method. Seems interesting, eh?

Category3: For Having a Loose Instep of the Boots

If you forget to pay attention to the instep while purchasing boots, then it’ll likely cause a problem for your heels.
Leaving too much space inside your boots for the instep or getting extremely tight boots should both be rejected while choosing a pair of cowboy footwear.

Instead, select the one that fits your instep comfortably. However, most people who buy their boots online suffer from heel slippage problems.

And sometimes, choosing the best fitting boots from the internet is tough. So, let’s see how to fix the issue:

Method 1: Using a Ball-Type Foot Cushion

When you figure out the instep is slightly loose on the forefoot, feel free to use this ball-type foot cushion, which is very useful and efficient. Plus, the ball-type cushion helps to lift up your foot wonderfully.

It’s a good thing for your feet health. Also, you can wear this all day long with cowboy boots that include high heels. And, most importantly, it gets you out of the heel slippage problem.

Method 2: Getting Insoles or Footbed

A loose-fit cowboy boot can be easily fitted to your feet if you use a footbed. It’ll lift your feet up and cover the space of the instep. Plus, it’s beneficial to your foot’s health as it supports the arch of those who have flat feet.

Apart from that, they reduce the pain on the heels and make the boot soles comfortable for wearing to the maximum limit.

You can find different types of insoles based on the different cowboy boots, including the round toe, square toe, pointed toe, etc.

Method 3: Thick Socks Come in Handy!

As you already know, a pair of thick socks are simple, comfortable, and convenient to put on. And after all, it fits the foot and leaves no room for gaps between the instep and the boots.

However, there is a drawback to this method – your feet will sweat a lot and make you feel very uncomfortable!

Category 4: If the Boots are New and not Broken in

Indeed, a new pair of boots have the issue of slipping away if you don’t get the time to break in. The term “break-in” basically means using it several times or stretching the boots to increase the area as much as possible.

Importance of Break-in Method

Without breaking in the new boots, the chances of the heels slipping off are very high.
In general, the “break-in” process takes around three weeks or so to be fitted perfectly for you.

If you somehow manage to break in the boots by following a specific method, then the slippage problem will be gone within no time!

Several Other Methods to Follow

Are you surprised? Okay, there are some other reasons as well for the heel slippage to occur in your cowboy boots. So be sure to check out the methods to get rid of them.

Method 1: Getting Non-Slippery Socks

If you’re a yoga practitioner, you might find this method pretty interesting. Using the non-slippery socks will feel like your feet are attached to the cowboy shoes like glue. So, try this out and enjoy it for no more slippage problems!
Moreover, the socks are thinner than the regular ones, making them ideal for summer.

Method 2: Picking up the Boot with Correct Size

Although this method isn’t wholly relevant in terms of fixing the heel slippage problem, we’ve included the topic so that you can get your hands on the perfect boot size without making any mistakes.
Therefore, when you go out to purchase cowboy boots, make sure you focus on the following things given below:

1. Heel

Since various collections of cowboy boots are available with different heels in the market, it’s necessary to determine the type.

Western boots, work boots, and walking boots; are some of the standard heels.

But if you’re looking for lower heels, you might find stockman, roper boots useful. During the heel selection process, make sure you hear the “pop” sound That tells you whether the boot is a perfect fit or not.

2. Toe Shape

Generally, there are only three types of shapes that we see in the cowboy boots toe; these are the pointed toe, square toe, and round toe.

The basic idea while choosing the boots is that you need to maintain the distance between the tip and your toes, no matter what the size of your feet is.

3. Outsole

Always try to purchase any cowboy boots with rubber or leather-made soles since it gives you maximum protection from slipping away even on a slippery surface.

4. Insole

Those who have flat or relatively wider feet must choose boots with insoles. Work boots, stockman, and roper boots can play a vitalrole for these people.

Also, be sure that the boots’ insole is comfortable and flexible. Try to put on the footwear in the store and wisely choose which pair suits you better.

5. Instep

The instep of the boots plays a vital role in affecting whether or not the footwear gets slippery. So, always keep in mind that it should be fitted perfectly to support you in the best way possible.

Therefore, try not to leave any extra space for the instep area of your cowboy boots. Also, don’t buy a bootthat’s too tight. It will make your feet more uncomfortable!

6. Boot Size

Another crucial aspect of selecting cowboy boots is that your feet size should match your boot size.
In that case, you can take assistance from the size chart of your favorite brand, where you can get the exact size you require to suit your feet.

Unless you’re an expert online purchaser, it’s best to get shoes offline instead of online. That’s only our suggestion!

Method 3: Avoid Slippage by Keeping the Boots Dry

Frankly speaking, you might face heel slippage if your boots get wet or you forget to dry them out. In fact, this is one of the major reasons for the slippage, but just a few people take it seriously!

To get rid of the problem, ensure you keep your boots dry from the inside out by applying various methods.

People who have a smaller collection of boots can use boot trees as they’re probably a better choice to absorb moisture, aiding the boots in drying out from inside.

On the other hand, for using the boots in snowy or rainy seasons, you might take the help of a boot dryer, especially if you already have many shoes.

So it doesn’t matter what the weather is. It would help if you always kept your shoes dry as much as possible to prevent heel slippage.

Wrapping Up!

By applying any of the above-written methods thoroughly, it’s possible to fix the heel slippage problem once and for all! So if you don’t know how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots properly, this write-up is here to help you!

Always try to keep thick socks along with heel pads with you. These things will come in handy, especially when you get a pair of slippery boots and are looking for some easy-peasy ways to get rid of the problem!