Brio Beardscape Review for 2021 – Pros and Cons


If you ask us to show you a single trimmer that can do it all, we’d say it’s the Brio Beardscape.

With its classic design and outstanding features, it stands head and shoulders above the rest! This is probably why most beard-lovers are fond of this particular model.

The Brio Bearscape review is all about this device’s features and essential information.

Brio Beardscape Review

Good to mention, a perfect trimmer should be equipped with sturdy construction, a powerful motor, superior battery, and most importantly, a razor-sharp blade. These features in a trimmer are the key to maintaining a well-trimmed beard.

Don’t forget about the accessories; it’s always a plus to have some of the things along with the device, including charging cord, stand, appliance oil, cleaning brush, etc.

Guess what? Brio Bearscape has got everything we’ve mentioned above. And that’swhy we’ve picked this for you so you can get an all-in-one package! For more information, you should keep on reading.

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Things you’re Getting from Brio Bearscape

Along with the trimmer, the package of Brio Beardscape includes a number of different accessories, so you won’t have to spend extra bucks to get them. These are as follows:

  • User manual
  • 4-guide combs
  • Charging cord (USB)
  • Travel bag
  • Appliance oil
  • Charging adapter (universal)
  • Charging stand
  • Cleaning brush (small-sized)

Features with Benefits

If you’re looking for a unique and straightforward trimmer, Brio Beardscape can be the perfect choice for you. Let’s get familiar with some jaw-dropping features and benefits to get more ideas about it.

Razor-Sharp Blade

When we purchase a beard and hair trimmer, the first thing we need to consider is the blade. As the performance mainly depends on the quality of the cutting blade.

Thankfully, we’ve got the Brio Beardscape packed with the sharpest and one of the strongest blade types.

This one right here has got a top-notch ceramic blade (low friction) that’s sharper and stronger than the typical blades out there. You can even compare it with a couple of traditional trimmers equipped with stainless steel blades.

It’ll offer minimal heat and noise, and the rate of friction will be minimal as well.

Superior Motor

No doubt, a trimmer is unable to run efficiently without a powerful motor.

But don’t worry, Brio Breadscape has got your back! Unlike the typical models out there, you’ll be capable of selecting your power from 50RPM – 70RPM in five different speeds!

Yep, you heard it right! According to your needs, there are both (-) and (+) buttons available to control the range of speed.

While the 70RPM is designed to deliver extreme speed and power, the 50RPM gives mild power to trim your mustache smoothly and safely.

If you use the trimmer with mild speed, its possible to keep on with your task without any noise. But it’ll appear to be a bit louder at the maximum speed (70RPM).

Efficient Battery

Of course, a powerful device requires a powerful battery to run smoothly. And that is what the Brio has got!

It features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lets you run the trimmer for around four hours at a stretch (cordless mode). And it needs at least 3 hours to get fully charged.

The unique part? You can complete a full trim with just 4-5 minutes of fast charging. That will come in handy when your trimmer doesn’t have enough energy to operate, but you need to trim your beard at any cost!

Design and Overall Construction

We don’t think this model will let you down if you’re concerned about the build quality. The body of this trimmer gets top-quality plastic, and it’ll feel pretty much durable in hand.

When it comes down to appearance, it’s a great combination of black, grey, and white. So not only are you getting a sturdy trimmer that’ll last long but also the Brio Bearscape equips a stylish look to catch your attention!

Comb Attachments (4-Guide)

As you already know, the package includes 4-guide combs, and they provide side-guide (2) systems along with eight hair lengths.

In order to let you style your beard in the way you want, the combs feature numerous length options out there, including 3 and 6mm, 1 and 2mm, 15 and 18mm, 9 and 12mm.

Sturdy Travel Pouch

Once you unpack the package of Brio, you’ll get a specific pouch inside.

You’ll be happy to hear that the travel pouch is pretty durable, protecting your trimmer when you move from one place to another. And guess what? It also aids in keeping your device safe from accidental falling.

Inside the pouch, you’ll be able to store the USB cable, a single guide comb, and, most importantly, your trimmer. By doing so, you can keep them safe as well.

But unfortunately, the bag you’re going to get has minimal space to store all of your accessories (e.g., charging adapter, stand, and brush). So it’s necessary to have another carrier with you.

LED Display

One of the most noticeable features of this trimmer is the LED display. It lets you see the battery’s power (in minutes), the status of power (in RPM), hygiene status, and many more things.

This user-friendly display is comparatively bright and big, and surprisingly, it lets you know when it’s time to give your device rest, thanks to the load indicator.

According to the amount of load, the LEDs (2 red and 3 white) will light up. In case you notice the red one lights up frequently, it’s a clear sign that your trimmer is hungry for some oil, or it might be clogged too.

Hassle-free Charging System

As you know, the trimmer has got a specific charging cord (USB) that enables you to charge from a power bank or your laptop.

Here, you’re getting a 110V-220V charging adapter (multi-volt) for which you can utilize the USB cord in terms of charging your Brio Beardscape.

And it goes without mentioning; the charging stand is included to add more convenience.

All you need to do is put your Brio on the charging base and connect the cord to ensure secure charging.

Besides, it’s possible to charge the trimmer directly without using any charging base.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning up the Brio Beardscape is nothing but a cinch! The manufacturer gives you a tiny cleaning brush alongside the kit so that you can effectively clean the blades.

Speaking of cleaning, make sure you disengage the comb and brush the blade off to minimize dirt and make it spick-and-span. It’s not a bad idea to rinse the comb attachment. But while washing, ensure that the water is far away from your trimmer since it’s not waterproof.

Length Settings (On Device)

There is a built-in trimming length setting on the Brio, which aids in adjusting the length in four different options, from 1mm to 1.9mm. It’s possible to choose the blade height according to your needs, which can be done through a sliding button.


Brio Beardscapeisn’t a typical trimmer you use just for trimming your beard; you can use it to trim your hair too. Thanks to its durable battery, which enables you to use it for multiple purposes.

Lightweight Structure

Most of you forget about considering the weight of a trimmer, but we think it’s not a feature that you should ignore!
Make sure you choose the one that equips a comparatively lightweight structure so that you won’t feel any discomfort in your hands even after trimming your beard!

Brio Beardscape includes just about 10.08 ounces of weight, making it extremely comfortable and convenient to use.

Overall Performance

We’ve seen a few customer’s opinions about the performance of this trimmer. And we don’t think it will let you down if you’re looking for a classy, powerful, and reliable piece of device.

Once again, it’s even better when we talk about the razor-sharp blade along with the superior speed of the motor.

Despite being powerful, you can operate the Brio Beardscape for hours without dealing with noise. Even the charge backup is also very good;3 hours of full charge can give you more than 3 hours of charge backup.

But, it sometimes creates minimal noise, especially when you operate it at a maximum speed. Soit’s better to run the trimmer at an average speed to get the optimal result without ending up with a loud sound.


  • Ceramic low-friction blade ensures precise trimming that’s far more difficult with the trimmers that come with stainless steel blades
  • Allows you to select the power from 50RPM – 70RPM in five different speeds
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery needs 3 hours for a full charge and offers more than 3 hours of charge backup
  • Plastic yet durable and comes in a combination of white, grey, and black color
  • 4-guide combs let you style your beard in the best way possible
  • LED display allows you to monitor the battery life, hygiene status, status of power, etc
  • Offers a specific charging cord with a stand for hassle-free charging
  • The small-sized cleaning brush lets you detach the comb and brush the blade off to remove stuck-on dirt
  • Designed for both trimming beard and hair efficiently
  • 10.8 ounces of lightweight structure makes sure you keep on trimming your beard for long, and that too without dealing with hands fatigue


  • Not a waterproof device!
  • There is no travel lock included here, so it might accidentally start with just a little touch, especially when you keep it inside your pouch!
  • It creates a bit of noise when you run it at the maximum speed!

Wrapping Up!

If you want to maintain your beard properly, having a perfect trimmer is necessary. And guess what? The Brio is highly able to make your beard-maintaining task nothing but a snap!

The super-sharp blade made of ceramic, powerful motor, lightweight structure, and extra-bright LED display make this trimmer stand out from the rest.

So after reading the Brio Beardscape review, we hope you’ve got plenty of essential information about the product.

So make sure you only buy the Brio Beardscape, especially if durability, portability, are longevity matter a lot to you!