Black Guys With Blonde Hair Tips in 2021


Are you feeling adventurous or just looking to be more fashionable? Well, if you are a black guy, we have the perfect solution for you. Our article on “black guys with blonde hair tips” kills the fashion scene. This kind of hair color goes incredibly well with your complexion and makes you look sophisticated and suave.

We know what you are thinking – yes, coloring your hair and initial maintenance can be a bit of a drag. However, you can trust us when we say it is a decision you will never regret. As for the maintenance, don’t fret because we are here.

Look no further than this article to find the best way to color your hair, easy-to-follow maintenance instructions, tips for your hair care, and even hairstyles that go with your new hair color to maximize the pizazz of your new hairdo.

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How to Color Your Hair Tips?

Color Your Hair Tips

We won’t lie; men’s parlors are not cheap. The hairstylists will provide top-notch services, but they will cost you quite a bit. If you have the moola, you should totally go and get it professionally done.

But we know many of you reading this article are in no mood to splash out hundreds of dollars just to get a new hairdo. We have a cheap and effective way to color your hair at home for you guys. Say hello to bleaching; here are a few easy steps you need to follow to do it.

Consult a Professional

Before you go ahead and do anything to your hair, we suggest that you go and see a hairstylist, dermatologist, or trichologist. Ask them if at-home bleaching is an option for your hair. If not, you need to get it professionally done.

Pre-Bleaching Etiquette

You can’t just wake up one day and go, “this looks like a good day to bleach.” On the contrary, your hair needs time to prepare for it.

Start conditioning vigorously for two weeks before your bleaching session and use coconut oil on your hair on every one of those nights. Don’t even think about styling in this period.

Mise En Place

Now that your hair is ready, it’s time to get your “Mise en Place.” Although this term is usually only used when cooking, it applies here too. It’s time to gather your bleaching gear.

These include a volume developer, bleaching powder, bowl, brush, gloves, and a barber cloth.

Cover Yourself

It would be best to start by wearing gloves and a barber cloth to protect your skin and clothes from any potential accidents.

Mix the Ingredients

It’s time to get mixing. Take one part bleach and two parts developer in the bowl mentioned above and start mixing with the brush. Be gentle and stop as soon as it becomes a homogenous paste.

Test It Out

This is an optional but highly recommended step. Cut off a portion of your hair and try out the bleaching solution on it. Leave it on the sample for 30-45 minutes and see if the results are satisfactory for you.

Apply and Wait

If the results are to your liking, then you’re all set. Just apply the paste to the tips of your hair and wait 30-45 minutes. Do not leave it on for longer than that or you can say goodbye to your luscious locks.

Finish Off

Just wash off your hair with shampoo and apply moisturizer for a nice finish. You now have the hairdo to die for.

How to Maintain Blonde Hair Tips?

Maintain Blonde Hair Tips

Now that you have your desired look, your job isn’t over. The maintenance is perhaps the most annoying part of bleaching your hair, but as we’ve said countless times before, it’s worth it.

Although it is super tedious, the process is by no means complicated. Additionally, if you follow our tips, your hair care routine will be a piece of cake. We promise you it will integrate seamlessly into your daily routine.

Tip 1: You’ve Had Enough Conditioning

We hope you had your fill of conditioning from step 2 of the last process because one of the most important things to avoid after bleaching is your conditioner. Your usual hair care routine isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Cut down your conditioner use to once a week. Make sure it doesn’t touch your scalp. The chemicals in the conditioner can be detrimental to your hair.

Tip 2: Water Down Your Shampoo

It doesn’t end with the conditioner, and you also need to tone down your shampoo. Although the chemicals in shampoo aren’t nearly as strong as those in conditioners, they can still hurt your hair as it has lost a lot of its natural strength.

Tip 3: Use Organic Products

You can reduce the damage your hair endures by reducing the number of chemicals in your hair products. This is where organic products come in, and the natural ingredients are nowhere near as harsh on your hair. You can opt for expensive store-bought products or try homemade options.

Tip 4: Throw Away Your Iron and Blow Dryer

Okay, maybe don’t throw them away but make sure they are miles away from your hair for at least two weeks. The heat can damage your hair detrimentally. Even after the two-week precautionary stage, we suggest you avoid applying high levels of heat to your hair.

Tip 5: Oil Twice a Week

This last tip is perhaps the quickest way to repair your hair and make sure it regains some of the lost strength. The benefits of oiling your hair are endless; your hair will thank you if you follow this tip.

6 Best Haircuts for Blonde Tips

Now that you know how to keep those tips rejuvenated and healthy, let’s talk about some hair cuts that look excellent with your new colors.

Short Dreadlocks

Short Dreadlocks

If you are black, you can’t go wrong with short deadlocks. No one can pull off dreadlocks as you can, and we think it’s a crime if you don’t use that to your advantage at least once.

If you need proof of how amazing it looks. Just take a look at Saint-Maximin rocking the look every week with Newcastle United. If it’s good enough for a soccer star, it should suffice for anyone.

Long Dreadlocks

Alternatively, you could try long dreadlocks. It is a little risky as everyone can’t pull this look off, but there’s no harm in trying, is there? Who knows, maybe you’ll look dope.

Jaden Smith tried the look for a while, and we say he nailed it. Say what you will about the man, but he knows his fashion.


Another popular haircut that no one can rock like a black man is a mohawk. We pity the fool who hasn’t seen how amazing Mr.T looks with a mohawk. Imagine a blonde Mr.T, and that’s the look you’ll be achieving.

Is it everyone’s cup of tea? No. But that’s the reason why we love it; it’s a bold fashion risk, and we think it can work out well.

Crew Cut

You can’t go wrong with a crew cut. This is our personal favorite because of its sheer versatility. You are guaranteed to look good with a blonde crew because of the way it complements your complexion.

Just like his French compatriot, you can see Paul Pogba pulling off this look every week with Manchester United. Soccer players seem to know the right barbers, don’t they?

Buzz Cut

Some of you might be confused between a crew cut and buzz cut; the difference is simply in the length. For a crew cut, a portion of your hair remains untouched by the trimmer. You get a clean uniform trim in a buzz cut.

For example, Pharrell Williams rocked a blonde buzz cut for a while and boy did he look good. He dazzled fans and celebrities alike with it, showing just how good this cut is.

Man Bun

Man Bun

We end things with a pretty unique look; in fact, we couldn’t name a single celebrity who tried it out, and that’s what makes this haircut so cool. You can bring a breath of fresh air amidst all of the basic boring haircuts.

Again, this is a risky look just like the mohawk, but it’s a risk worth taking, in our opinion. You’ll certainly stand out in a crowd with this cut, that’s for sure.


And there you have it. A short guide for black guys with blonde hair tips to help them bleach their hair the right way, maintain their hair, and look their best with innovative and stylish haircuts.

We hope this article was a fun read, and we hope you find the instructions easy to follow. The haircut you choose is entirely up to you, but if you ask us, we say you can’t mess up a crew cut.