Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor in 2021


Have you noticed something lately? People are becoming more interested in bringing in the classic lifestyle back, and the change is something hard to avoid.

But along with dressing, sunglasses, and cars, there’s one more thing out there that is making a comeback.

Yes, we’re talking about the straight razor. It seems in the world of trimmers, and modern shavers, the benefits of shaving with a straight razor didn’t go unnoticed by today’s men.

If you, too, have a plan to switch back to the classic shaving style, you better know how that razor can get you benefitted in every possible way.

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Benefits of Using a Straight Razor for Shaving

Straight Razor for Shaving

Before trying anything new, we all think first about what the change will bring us. For obvious reasons, we look up to get something positive, and we bet you’ll be thinking along the same track while shifting to straight razors.

So, here are the reasons why we think getting started with a straight razor for shaving will be a great idea.

Getting a Better Shave

What can be better as a benefit than getting the finest shave of your life? Well, that’s what you’ll be having once you start trying the straight razor.

It’s been said that single blades are more effective in ensuring super close shaves. Usually, straight razors come from high-quality steel and are amazingly good at being sharper than regular cartridge razor blades.

Once you lay your hands on a straight razor, the following two things you’ll need are pre-shave oil and, of course, creamy lather. These are important for softening the whiskers, which will make them ideal for close razor shaving.

Minimizing Skin Irritation

Do you know why people out there hate shaving so much at times? The reason is skin irritation.

We can’t blame them, though, as the regular cartridge razors come with several blades. The rule is the more blades that go over the skin, the more irritated the skin will be.

On the contrary, the straight razors come with a single blade that terminates the chance of having skin irritation. With it, all you have to do is go for one strike, and that’ll be enough to get you the nice and smooth shaving in no time.

Another good side of that is, you’ll have less chance of getting a cut on your skin, and the same goes for missing any stubble patch.

Money Saver

How much money have you spent on shaving razors so far? If we start counting the modern razors, they become useless after a certain number of shavings. After that, you’ll have no other choice but to reach for your pocket to buy another one.

But if you look at the straight razors, once you put money on them, you can make them last longer than all those disposable cartridges you’ve seen so far.

We don’t think any random razor can pull that off. For that, you’ll have to go with the high-quality one and nothing less.

Saving Environment

We’re not bragging, but just shaving using the straight razor, you can have your share of shots in saving the environment.

Every year hundreds of tons of plastics are being disposed of out there, killing the environment quite brutally.

Believe it or not, the cartridge razors you’ve been using for years also contribute to that as a major part of it is made of plastic.

But you can put a full stop to that with the straight razor. As you won’t have to throw it away in little time, and with the proper care, it can last for years, there’s no need for it to be dumped out there.

Easy to Be Skillful

Before getting started, it always feels like there’s too much to do in straight razor shaving, especially the skill part.

But the truth is, it’s not any rocket science that you can’t get a grip on. With a sufficient amount of practice, it too can become nothing but a piece of cake.

Open Alternative

Another good thing about this kind of shaving is the alternative. No, we’re not saying that it’s giving up on the razor and going back to the regular cartridge razor or electric shaver.

It’s just you can always go to a salon and get it done by your barber. Shedding a few bucks is all it is going to take. Plus, it has another advantage that you’ll get to know in the next point.

A Source of Relaxation

We don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but not many daily tasks out there are as relaxing as shaving. But that breaks the roof when you’re trying to go for straight razor shaving.

This kind of shaving requires a lot of concentration and has to be done slowly. The result is, it leaves a relaxing feeling in your mind as you’re not rushing and keeping it as relaxing as possible, which matches it to meditative effects.

If you look back to the earlier ages where straight razors were the only means to get proper shaving, men used to go to the salon. That’s not only for the shaving but also for the relaxing feeling they used to get from the process.

Modern salons know how to make it more relaxing as they keep cushioned chairs and make the environment more comfortable. On top of that, aromatherapy adds an extra drop of relaxation there.

What You Might Not Like about Straight Razor Shaving

Straight Razor Shaving

If you’re expecting that there are absolutely no negative aspects of straight razor shaving, then this is where you’ll get a bit disappointed.

Nothing’s perfect, and neither is this. So, before you get started, these are what you might not like about straight razor shaving.

Requires Skill

A good thing about cartridge razors is that they don’t ask for high skill for shaving. But that’s not the case when it comes to straight razors.

If you’ve tried it before by yourself or in a barbershop, then you’ve already seen how much precision and technique it requires to get the shaving done.

So, to reach the cleanest level with your shaving, you’ll have to get that skill first. All you need to do is practice, practice, and of course, practice.

With a few honest efforts, we believe you’ll be able to get there in no time.

Full Concentration

While using a straight razor, the one fear that often chases us is the fear of getting cut. But that fear can be eliminated if you’re giving your full concentration on what you’re doing.

Unlike the cartridge razor, these razors don’t come with a flexible head. So, the best way to avoid that is to make sure that it has your undivided attention.

Otherwise, you might start seeing a small stream of blood that can ruin your whole mood.

Time Consuming

We must say if you’re a rush shaver, then using straight razors might not be the best idea for you. But before you change your mind, let us tell you something.

It might not be as fast as those cartridge razors or electric razors, but that doesn’t mean they’ll take up a lot of your time.

So, if your question is, will it be time-consuming – then we’d say yes, but if you ask – will it take too much time, then our answer will be No.

Tips for Using Straight Razor

Tips for Using Straight Razor

Though it’s a relaxing task, still it’s a task, right? And for any task, having some useful tips can be a great help. So, here are a few that you might find helpful.

  • Always choose a razor with better material quality and design. The material quality is to make it last longer. So, even if you can’t take proper care of it, it can still go for a long time. And having a nice design is better because it can make you feel nice while shaving with it.
  • Get shaved by the barber first a few times to follow the process, and later, repeat it yourself.
  • Learn the techniques properly first. Even the wrong holding style can interrupt getting a good shaving result.
  • Try to avoid multiple strokes on the same skin part to avoid irritation. For that, know the stroke sequence.
  • Keep antiseptic cream or lotion close by in case there’s an accidental cut.
  • Use a clean mirror every time and ensure sufficient light.
  • Check out the sharpness of the blade before you use it.

Final Words

Yes, there are indeed some minor unlikeable things about it, but still, they’re nothing that the benefits of shaving with a straight razor can’t overshadow.

So, we say, if you’ve really planned on getting started with that, don’t take a step back. After all, it can get you a classic vibe along with the cleanest shave.