Where Are Ariat Cowboy Boots Made?


Don’t say you’ve never felt like getting a pair of cowboy boots and roaming around with guns on the holster like a real gangster in old cowboy movies. With time, that desire might’ve faded away, but after looking at the Ariat boots, we bet you will feel like going back.

But there are many interesting facts about this brand, especially where Ariat cowboy boots are made and why. Don’t worry; that’s not the only thing you’ll be figuring out today. We’ll also put some light on their durability, classes, and anything else you might like to know about them.

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Where Are Ariat Cowboy Boots Made?

Ariat Cowboy Boots Made

If you show almost anyone the picture of the Ariat boots, they’d say with closed eyes that they’re made in the USA. But the shocking truth is they’re not. It’s China that makes most of these boots. They’re made in Shenzhen, China.

But that doesn’t mean no other countries have a share in the total production, though the amount is relatively insignificant. You’ll get some of the boots in Mexico. But the best thing about them is they are of super quality and handmade. Even Italy makes some of these boots too.

Now comes the United States. Yes, they make a small quantity, but it’s nothing compared to China.

Why Are the Boots Not Being Made in the USA?

There’s no doubt that the popularity of these boots in the USA is more than in any other country worldwide. Otherwise, we see no way to explain why almost 82% of the Ariat boots are available in the USA market alone.

Now, if they’re so popular in the USA, why are they not being manufactured here? Well, the only answer we’ve got for that is cost minimization. When you’ll be making such perfect boots in the USA, the material cost and labor cost will undoubtedly go sky-high. The impact of that will fall on the price.

Moreover, due to having a massive workforce, it’s easy to produce such quantities in China. So, this is the reason why the USA is not into manufacturing shoes within the US boundaries.

Classes of Ariat Cowboy Boots

Ariat Cowboy Boots

We won’t get surprised if you end up with the wrong pair of Ariat boots. Any first-timer can make that mistake. The best way to figure it out is, knowing which class or classes will be perfect for you. There’s three of them, and they are:

Cowboy Boots

Are you looking for the genre on which you put the tag of ‘most stylish’? Then this is it. There’s another name for these boots – the western boots. The prime focus of making these shoes is fashion and style. So, if you’re looking for a pair to make you look better, then you belong to this class.

But don’t think they’re just a pair to show. Along with excellent traction, these boots ensure excellent waterproof protection. Besides, the wicking feature has taken their appeal to a whole other level. But what you need the most here is the comfort; we bet you’re going to get the maximum out of it.

Riding Boots

With the name itself, you’ve probably guessed what they’re made for. As there’s a link between cowboys and these boots, horses are the first option that comes to our mind with the word ‘ride.’ But the truth is, these boots are suitable for hiking and bull riding and not just horse riding.

Work Boots

Work Boots

Like the riding boots, the purpose of these boots is clear from the name. These boots are the most popular class of Ariat boots. They come with fantastic sturdy yet stylish construction. Plus, if you’re more into ranching, these boots are going to serve you there perfectly too.

The durability of Ariat Boots

After spending your money on a favorite pair of shoes, you definitely won’t like letting them go that easily. But if the durability is what’s snatching it away from you, then you’ve got no choice but to go for shoes/boots that will last longer.

Thankfully, the Ariat boots are amazingly high on that number. These boots can be sustained with proper care for up to four years. But don’t underestimate the importance of storage conditions and usage patterns in making them run for a more extended period.

The good thing is with careful usage and proper maintenance, it’s possible to push the number of years up to five or six. But if you’ve got no patience for keeping it that way, you still can have the boots for at least three years.

Ways to Extend the Boots’ Life

Nobody wants to end up in sighs after spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of boots just because they didn’t take proper care of them. Without the proper care, losing them faster is inevitable.

But how will you extend the life of your Ariat boots? Well, it’s no rocket science. All you need to do is–

  • Keep the boots clean regularly. The maintenance includes polishing and conditioning the boots too. So, before you pick the pair up, make sure that they’re polishable and conditionable.
  • Avoid consecutive usage for days. Wearing them every day is the easiest way to start their deterioration process as the humidity or the bacterial infestation won’t go soft on them.
  • Use nothing but erasers or dry brushes to get rid of odd marks.
  • Exposing the boots to any direct heat source is a bad idea. Calling it the easiest way to trigger deterioration won’t be anything wrong. So, avoid that.
  • When it comes to leather care products, always go with the prescribed one by Ariat.

Way to Store the Boots Perfectly

The durability of the boots, to a huge extent, depends on how you’re storing them. Before you store them, you need to give them a proper cleaning. The cleaning process will depend on your boots’ size, material, and shape.

Generally, as a part of the storing process, you’ll have to take a dry brush and get rid of the dust and dirt first. Then put them in a paper bag or a bag made of polythene as you don’t want the hazard of oxidation here. After that, store them in a dry place. Make sure there’s no moisture in there, not even a bit.

Is It Possible to have Custom Boots from Ariat?

Boots from Ariat

Not all of us have the same taste in boots, whether based on design or color. But Ariat doesn’t produce boots of any color but black and brown. So, there’s no way to get the facility of customization there.

Plus, Due to the conservatism about their style and design, they don’t count customization according to the customer’s personal preference as an option. So, sorry to say but you can’t have custom boots from Ariat.

But the bright side is their boots are made while keeping the customers in mind. So, it’ll be tough not to like their existing styles and designs.

Final Words

Indeed, Ariat can make some of the finest boots in the world, and having them will be nothing but pure pleasure. No matter where Ariat cowboy boots are made, they can still work as perfect cowboy boots and give that classic vibe once again.