Are Crocs NonSlip Shoes? – The Complete Guide & Tips


Crocs are considered to be a piece of a fashion statement for fashion enthusiasts. Only certain people can embrace the beauty of Crocs.

However, I am here to bust a popular myth once and for all. There is a debate over these shoes. Are Crocs nonslip shoes? Or are they not?

I am going to talk about all the concerns, aspects, and the actual science behind the Crocs so that you can get a clear vision of Crocs and know if they are slip-resistant or not.

Crocs are by no means a cheap brand, so you should know if they are worth it or not before you make a purchase. Here is all you need to know about Crocs.

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Are Crocs Really Slip-Resistant?

Crocs Really Slip-Resistant

If you carefully go through their official website, you will see that they claim to have met the industry standard for slip resistance. Now, what does that mean, Crocs?

Are you slip-resistant or not? They could have just stated that plainly, but they did not, donut worry, I have your answers.

Sometimes these companies try to fool customers with their marketing jargon; however, Crocs did not try to do such a hideous thing. Crocs really are slip-resistant.

But wait, not all of their shoes are slip-resistant; only a certain category has a separate slip-resistant label on it, and only those are what you are looking for.

What makes these specific Crocs non-slip in the first place? Well, it depends on quite a few things.

The Crocs that are non-slip have a thicker sole than the regular crocs, making them have a better grip. Also, the patterns beneath the sole are an essential factor.

Shoes that don’t have any pattern underneath the soles tend to be very slippery because those patterns create a resistance that leads a shoe to have a better grip.

Think of a tire in this case; if your car’s tires were smooth as butter, would you be able to hit the brakes and stop the vehicle? I don’t think so! They would slide down the road because the car was already moving forward, and so are you while you are walking.

Similarly, the patterns underneath any shoe are what make them slip-resistant. So, the patterns or the crocs also play a vital role in this case.

What are Crocs Made of?

Previously Crocs were foam-based shoes that highly focused on comfort. Don’t get me wrong, they still do.

But recently, they started producing their shoes using a Croslite material, which is neither rubber nor plastic; it is more like resin.

This specific material lets the crocs take the shape of the user’s feet. Wait, What! Are crocs shapeshifters?

No, they are not; it’s just the material fits feet better than any other, so it almost feels like they are highly customized, which they are not.

How Many Styles of Slip-resistant Crocs are Available?

Crocs are Available

Some styles of slip-resistant crocs are available, but the focus is on three main styles. I have described them down below-


This style is mainly for women. Usually, women who are doctors, nurses, or involved in a profession that demands constant movement, are drawn to flat crocs.

Firstly, flat shoes are extremely comfortable, and flat crocs have the additional benefit of being non-slip shoes.

However, this style of crocs can be slightly thinner than the other ones, but that’s what makes them lightweight.


Whenever you think about crocs, a specific image comes to mind, which is what clogs precisely are.

They have holes on top of the shoes, and this feature lets the clogs have constant airflow. It also helps them remain smell-free.

Mary Jane

This type is for women. Mary Jane looks like dress shoes, but the difference is they are slip-resistant and made out of that unique Croslite material, for which Crocs are very famous.

Are Crocs Comfortable?

One hundred percent! Crocs are amazingly comfortable; in fact, this is the reason why crocs are this famous.

They design shoes for every occasion, well, not for every occasion precisely but almost. You cannot wear crocs to a red carpet unless you are Billie Eilish. That is her thing at this point, lol!

But crocs genuinely are very comfortable. The Croslite material that they are made of is the reason behind that.

It is a kind of polymer that is made of crude oil. Croslite is an out-of-the-world cushioning material that will hug your feet, and it will feel like the clouds are hugging your feet.

Also, this material is 40% more shock-proof than traditional shoe materials. So, when you go through a rocky path or hit your toes on the corners of a chair, you will barely feel the impact.

It is also non-toxic and anti-bacterial. That means no matter how sweaty your feet get; crocs should not be smelly because bacteria is what makes feet smell bad.

Although they do sometimes get smelly, I will get into the reason for this in the latter section of this article. They are super easy to maintain too. So, all in all, crocs are awesome!

What About the Crocs Not Listed as Slip-resistant?

The ones that are not listed as slip-resistant are not slip-resistant. That’s pretty obvious. We have this misconception that crocs are rubber shoes; thus, they should all be non-slip.

But if you have read through the article, you would know they are not rubber. And not all of the crocs are designed to give you protection against slippery surfaces.

What if it Gets Wet? Would They Still be Slip-resistant?

It should still be slip-resistant because you see the patterns of the shoe also play a vital role in their journey of being non-slip, not just the material. So, it should still be slip-resistant, but you should always be careful.

And if you are thinking about wearability, choose a croc with a security band around the ankle so your feet don’t slip away.

Do Crocs Stink?

Well, not the shoe itself, but your feet might stink. Because crocs are designed so that you can easily wash them with just soap and water, they are also designed to be water-resistant. As the water cannot get in, it cannot escape too.

That leads to all your feet’ sweat getting trapped in and eventually make your feet smell. My suggestion is to wear socks if you are comfortable or use the clog-style crocs that have holes.

These holes will help the sweat to evaporate away and prevent your feet from getting smelly.

Is it a Good Idea to Wear Crocs to the beach?

Wear Crocs to the beach

As long as you are comfortable, any type of Crocs is suitable for the beach. Because they are slip-on kinds of shoes, so it’s easy to wear them and take them off on the go. Also, they will not be damaged by the water so that you can be roaming around with crocs in the ocean.

However, some may find sand getting into the shoes annoying, especially the clog style crocs will allow a ton of sand into the shoes.

I personally get a bit uncomfortable, so I would avoid the clogs on the beach if I were you. So, this is something you should look out for.

How Do I Care for My Crocs?

First of all, don’t leave them in the sun for too long. That way, the colors won’t fade away. Also, please don’t throw them in the washing machine, because the warm water may damage the shoes a bit.

Just don’t expose your crocs to the heat for a very long time; you will be good to go. And if you need to wash them, use soap and water and your precious hands. It will only take a minute or two at maximum.

How Much Do Crocs Cost?

The non-slip Crocs will set you back 40 to 80 dollars a pair. So, they are not a cheap brand at all. But not a luxury brand either. The cost depends on the size, color, style, etc. Besides the slip-resistant crocs, other styles of Crocs also cost something similar.

Final Verdict

All in all, Crocs is a brand close to my heart. Because I use Crocs and adore them very much, they have served many customers and me around the globe well, and that is why they are so renowned.

So, are Crocs non slip shoes? Absolutely, a specific category of the Crocs brand features non-slip shoes. But I repeat, not all of the Crocs in existence are non-slip; only the ones categorized as non-slip are non-slip.

I hope all the information was helpful, and you can now make a sound decision whether or not you want to invest in a pair of Crocs. Good luck!