Are Cowboy Boots Acceptable for Business Casual?


Business casual meetings require you to be your best self in order to make a substantial impact on others. If you’re not comfortable with the attire you’re wearing, things might go wrong.

Therefore, I see no wrong in wearing cowboy boots for a casual business setup. Yes, you’ve heard it right; if you’re comfortable with the footwear, then you can put on cowboy boots unless there’s a particular dress code for the event.

So, next time if anyone asks you –are cowboy boots acceptable for business casual? Feel free to give them a positive hint! But, before that, it’ll be good to read this whole write-up, from which you can find out in which situations you shouldn’t use cowboy boots!

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Some Unacceptable Dress Codes for Business Casual

for Business Casual

Indeed, there are some dress codes that you have to follow for a business casual setting. After all, you can’t just pop up in a business meeting wearing fancy boots.

Therefore, you should know what is acceptable and what is not. Cowboy boots are no exception in this particular case. Some footwear can’t be worn in specific settings, and I’m going to discuss those below:

Boots with Heavy Tattoos or Logos

During a job interview or a business meeting, you shouldn’t wear boots that have logos or heavy tattoos on them. Try to keep it formal and simple. Also, don’t try to put on any boots with stains, tears, or those that may be a little ripped.

For example, many cowboy boots include a symbol or graphics that stand for a political or social agenda. It would be best to avoid them as they may attract negative vibes.

Suits and Boots

Think twice before putting on cowboy boots with a suit in an office with a conservative sartorial environment. Otherwise, you may find it challenging to deal with the high expectations of your clients or higher authorities.

Toe Shapes

Don’t pick the traditional pointy toe-shaped boot as business attire. They don’t blend well and go with the usual looks. These days, you’ll find many boots without pointed toe shapes, including the round, snip, and square.


Another thing to be aware of the heels of the cowboy boots. Beware of wearing high heels since it’ll add detraction to the formal looks. Try to go with the mid-level heels to look more authentic.

Baggy/Skinny Trousers with Toe-Shaped Boots

Those who are skinny shouldn’t wear boots with squared toe shapes with baggy trousers. It won’t suit your look, and eventually, you’ll be left unnoticed.

Similarly, those who are a bit heavier should avoid the pointed-toe-shape with skinny pants.

What Should I Wear With The Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy Boots

Finally, you know what is acceptable and what is not. Now, it’s time to show you some of the things that go well with the Cowboy boots.

If your office prefers casual, then give it a shot by wearing any cowboy suit. If this is not the case, you can follow some tips that I’m going to suggest.

  • The first thing that I prefer is the black, oxblood, mid-dark brown color of the boots for a business casual setting. Maintain these shades unless you don’t want to feel embarrassed or insulted by wearing other fancy colors.
  • Secondly, picking a less pointy toe would be my recommendation since it blends perfectly with your business suits, a perfect look for the business casual setting.
  • Use a minimally slanted or non-slanted heel to wear at interviews. For example, the Roper heels or Fowler heels tone down the appearance of a boot with the suits.
  • Roper styles provide excellent performance as they’re subtle and have fewer embellishments. That means they don’t have any upper stitching and toe stitching.
  • In the end, for matching the hems, you can try out the military slants that are probably considered as more appropriate with the cowboy boots.

Why Should You Wear Cowboy Boots?

Wear Cowboy Boots

Simple: they’re classy and comfortable. If the cowboy boots are what you’re fond of most, then you have already gotten the green signal to wear these boots for casual business settings. Therefore, you probably don’t need me to tell you why you should wear boots. But, I can give you plenty of reasons for those who don’t know.

First of all, if you can maintain the boots properly, they are very comfortable and durable. Many people think that these boots are only good for the cowboys only.

Well, I won’t disagree with them completely, but I have a different viewpoint. Though the boots were created for riding and are helpful on horseback, manufacturers have developed a good number of boots these days, which are useful on roads and streets.

Therefore, you can add a pair of boots to your collection to enrich your style. Cowboy boots bring a manly and classy look to your appearance. So you can try this out without thinking twice!

Wrapping Up!

The answer to your question, “are cowboy boots acceptable for business casual” is a BIG “yes.” But still, if you have doubts about that, you can choose not to wear cowboy boots. After all, the ball is in your court!

But if this article satisfied you, then you’re ready for a showdown with these fantastic pair of boots.